Dragonheir Silent Gods Leveling Guide: Faster Progression

Dragonheir Silent Gods Leveling Guide: Faster Progression

Stepping into Dragonheir Silent Gods, you’re not just playing a game; you’re entering a world inspired by the depth of D&D, filled with strategic battles, detailed character creation, and an expansive hero roster. Here’s how to navigate this universe for a swifter progression.

Understanding Game Basics

In this game, you get to pick from a whopping nearly 200 Heroes, each bringing something unique to the table – from elemental powers to specific classes. Setting up your dream team of five heroes is crucial, and it’s more than just choosing the mightiest. The strategy behind your formation can make or break your game. Also, every dungeon exploration costs stamina, so play it smart – use it or lose it.

Leveling Your Heroes

Leveling Your Heroes

Main Sources of Leveling: Dive into the main storyline and dungeon battles to level up fast. These are your bread and butter for staying ahead.

XP and Level Caps: Look to Goblin Layer dungeons for XP potions, but don’t overlook Elemental Domain dungeons for those crucial Elemental crystals, which help bump up your heroes’ level caps.

Equipment and Enhancement: Early on, average gear might cut it, but as you progress, you’ll want to snag the best gear from Equipment dungeons and enhance it to boost your heroes’ primary attributes. Gear comes in various ranks, and leveling it up is key.

Hero Specializations in Equipment: Tailor your gear strategy to your heroes‘ roles – defense gear for tanks, accuracy for support heroes, and high-attack gear for your heavy hitters.

Game Mechanics Beyond Battles

Game Mechanics Beyond Battles

Exploration and Ingredients: The world’s packed with hidden goodies. Search everywhere and collect rare ingredients that are critical for moving forward.

Professions and Skills: Dabble in professions like Archaeology for unique gameplay twists and skill boosts, especially in cooking.

Cooking and Buffs: Cooking isn’t just about feeding your heroes. It’s a mini-game of dice rolls that can land you bonus buffs or even double rewards. Keep those tonic potions handy for HP boosts or snack on attack-enhancing foods.

Strategies for Efficient Game Progression

Starting out, heroes with the same Elemental Affinity can give you a leg up. But as the game gets tougher, start mixing in heroes with unique mechanics to keep up with the challenges.

AOE attackers are great initially, but don’t be afraid to switch to heroes specializing in single-target damage as you delve deeper.

This is all about pushing through main quests, chapter quests, and commissions, but there’s a daily cap on how much you can progress to keep the gameplay balanced.

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