How to Get Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

How to Get Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

So you’re playing Enshrouded and need to get your hands on some Torn Cloth? Let me break it down for you how to get it. This stuff is like gold in the game, especially for making that Crude Mattress which lets you skip the night.

Shroud Regions

Get Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

First things first, the best place to find Torn Cloth is in the Shroud regions. These places look all blue and murky, kinda hard to miss. Now, the trick is, you gotta do this at night. Yeah, I know it sounds backwards – you need the cloth to sleep through the night, but you gotta go out in the dark to get it.

So in the Shroud, you gotta hunt down these blue Fell dudes. They drop Torn Cloth when you knock them out. If you’re just starting, you’ll find some of these Shroud areas pretty close to where you begin. It’s not too tough to find these guys, just keep your eyes peeled.

Other Ways to Grab Cloth

Now, if fighting isn’t your thing, or you just want to mix it up, there’s other ways to get Torn Cloth. Look around for barrels, chests, and check out wagons or tents. It’s more hit or miss compared to taking down the Fell.

Alright, so you’re up against a bunch of those Shroud enemies. Best strategy? Start with a bow or something to keep your distance. Thin them out, then switch to melee when there’s just a few left. Saves ammo and keeps you safe.

And hey, don’t just stick to the Shroud. Look around in abandoned forts and dungeons, above and under the Shroud. Chests there can have Torn Cloth and other cool stuff. They’re safer than fighting, but don’t drop cloth as much. Still, worth checking out.

So yeah, that’s the rundown on getting Torn Cloth in Enshrouded. It’s a bit of a grind, but that’s how these games roll.

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