How To Heal In Enshrouded

How To Heal In Enshrouded

Okay, so first up, let’s talk about munching on stuff and using bandages in Enshrouded. So, here’s the deal with Purple Berries – these are like your go-to snack for quick health. You can find them pretty much all over the place. The dried ones are chill for a slow health boost (+1 health for 5 mins), and the fresh ones give you a quick +2 health but only last like 30 seconds. Pro tip: these guys don’t take up much space, so load up on them in your inventory.

Then, there’s bandages. You’re gonna find these things all over in Enshrouded, or you can just make them. All you need is String and Torn Cloth – pretty easy to find, just break stuff or loot some dead Shrouds. Slap on a bandage, and you get 40% of your HP back. It takes 10 seconds, so make sure you’re not in the middle of a fight or something.

Enshrouded Purple Berries

Potions and Fancy Healing Tricks

Now let’s get into the cooler stuff: Health Potions. If you’re getting seriously beat up in Enshrouded, these are your best friend. You make them with Red Mushrooms, Purple Berries, and Water. Look around old buildings and stuff, you’ll find these things. Drinking one of these bad boys gives you a massive +200 HP boost right away. There are also these mega potions that can give you even more HP, but they’re kinda rare.

If you’re playing with friends or on a server, there’s some neat stuff you can do. Like, if one of you is a Healer, you can get these special Chain Heal charges from the Alchemist. This is pretty dope because you can shoot a healing spell at your buddies. You need this flower called Chamomile from Revelwood to unlock it, then you can craft it at the Alchemist.

Smart Healing and Keeping Your Stuff Organized

Okay, so the last bit is about being smart with your healing and keeping your stuff in order. First, you gotta use that hotbar thingy. Put your healing stuff there so you can get to it fast when things get crazy. And remember, not all food is for healing. Some give you other boosts, like more energy or brainpower, so pick what you eat based on what you need.

And, about those Purple Berries again – seriously, these are like the MVP of healing in Enshrouded. They’re everywhere, and you can stack a bunch in one slot, so you’re never running out. Don’t be shy to use them a lot. They’re easy to find, and they really help, especially when you’re just starting out or in a tough spot.

So, there you have it. That’s pretty much what you need to know about staying alive in Enshrouded. Just remember to keep your healing stuff ready, use those berries, and don’t forget to craft and use potions when things get real tough.

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