How To Enter The Deadly Shroud In Enshrouded

How To Enter The Deadly Shroud In Enshrouded

You’re playing Enshrouded and there’s this thing called the Deadly Shroud. The Flame Altar, it’s your best bud here. It’s not just for show or respawning, it’s your ticket to not getting shredded by the Deadly Shroud.

So, here’s the deal. Go to your Flame Altar and hit up the “Strengthen The Flame” option. You gotta hustle for some goods to make this work. First time around, you need 5x Resin, 5x Red Mushroom, 5x Bones, 5x Shroud Liquid, 1x Spark, and 5x Animal Fur. Most of this stuff is easy to find, but the Spark? That’s a bit tricky. You gotta roam around to find these Flame Sanctums and Shrines. You only need to boost one Flame Altar in Enshrouded. Do it right, and it buffs you up all over the map.

How To Enter The Deadly Shroud

Shroud Levels

Your game plan in Enshrouded is all about playing it smart with the Shroud Levels. Your Flame Level’s like your key to the city. Start at Level 1 and you’re basically stuck in the newbie zone, the Springlands. But level up, and you’re opening doors to places like the Kindlewastes.

Don’t just rush in though. The game throws tougher Shrouds at you the further you go. It’s like leveling up in real life, you gotta be prepared for what’s next. Keep going back to your Flame Altar, level it up, and you’re set to take on those meaner zones. Jumping into a Deadly Shroud with a low Flame Level? Bad idea, big no-no. You’ll see your life ticking down faster than you can say “oops”. So keep an eye on the Shroud colors and keep your Flame Level in check.

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