How to Find the Sleeping Survivor in Enshrouded

How to Find the Sleeping Survivor in Enshrouded

There are survivors you gotta find and wake up in Enshrouded. They’re like major game changers. We’re gonna focus on getting to the first one, Oswald Anders the Blacksmith. This dude’s a game-changer with his skills in crafting and whatnot. So, let’s break it down on how you can find this guy and why he’s so important for your game.

How to Find the All Sleeping Survivor in Enshrouded

How to Find the All Sleeping Survivor

Emily Fray, the Farmer

  • Specialty: Produces medical supplies and food for buffs in combat and exploration.
  • Location: Found last in the game. Requires a large quantity of water for farming.

Cade Hawthorn, the Carpenter

  • Specialty: Crafts furniture, decorations, illumination items, Advanced Glider, Advanced Grappling Hook, and improved storage chests.
  • Location: Not specified.
  • Quest: “Carpenter’s Assistance.”

Athalan Skree, the Hunter

  • Specialty: Creates bows, arrows, leather armor, and upgraded backpacks.
  • Location: Likely the second survivor you encounter.
  • Quest: “Huntress becomes hunted.”

Balthazar, the Alchemist

  • Specialty: Expert in arcane arts and alchemy, creates magical armor, weapons, staff charges, alchemical components, and potions.
  • Location: Initially encountered through his writings scattered in the game world.
  • Quest: “Powerful Alchemy.”

Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith

  • Specialty: Crafts heavy metal armor, melee weapons, shields, and non-magical survival tools.
  • Location: First survivor encountered in the Ancient Vault.
  • Quest: “Find the Sleeping Survivor.”

How to Find Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith

First things first, you gotta gear up in Enshrouded. You need some basic stuff – Construction Hammer, Workbench, Bow, that kinda thing. Especially pay attention to making a Glider. Why? Cause you need Shroud Wood, and that stuff ain’t just lying around everywhere. You find this in the Shrouded area. It’s kinda like going to the supermarket before a big storm; you wanna stock up.

Time to head to the Shrouded area. This place is like a maze with extra steps. Keep an eye out for Lore books – they’re marked with red stars on the path. This path you’re on, it’s leading you straight to the Ancient Vault. That’s where our man Oswald is located.

So, you get to the Ancient Vault you will find tough enemies guarding the place. You gotta be sneaky or go all Legolas with your bow to get past them. Inside, there’s this glowing pod thing – that’s where Oswald is.

Now you’ve got Oswald, it’s time to take him back to your Enshrouded base. You’ll need this thing called the Summoning Staff. It’s not too hard to make; just some twigs and you’re good. Use it to summon Oswald to your camp. Having Oswald is your go-to guy for crafting heavy armor, weapons, shields, all the good stuff.

So, there you go. Follow these steps, and you’ll have Oswald Anders, your first sleeping survivor, up and at ‘em in no time. He’s gonna be a big help in your game.

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