How to Get Scales in Enshrouded

How to Get Scales in Enshrouded

Alright, diving straight into the heart of Enshrouded, it’s a game where you gotta gear up to face off some pretty epic challenges towards the end. The thing is, for that top-tier gear, you need Scales. Yup, those elusive items that seem to be the bread and butter for crafting anything worth bragging about. So, what’s this guide about? Simple: how to lay your hands on Scales without losing your mind in the process. We’re hitting the Kindlewaste deserts, squaring off against some mean critters, and making sure you’re prepped for the fight. Let’s get to it.

Getting Scales in Enshrouded

Getting Scales in Enshrouded

The Kindlewaste deserts. Sounds dry, right? Well, it is, but it’s also where the party’s at for hunters after Scales. This place is sandwiched between some of the game’s landmark spots like the Spire Tower and the Sunsimmer Souterrain. But we’re not here for sightseeing. We’re here for Scales, and that means dealing with Sand Diggers and Scorpions.

Sand Diggers are these armored beasts that love playing hide and seek in the sand. They’re tough, they blend in, but poke them, and they come at you with a headbutt that’ll send you flying. Now, for the juicy part: knock one down, and you’re looking at bagging between three to five Scales. Not to mention, you get some Raw Sand Digger Meat, which is handy for other stuff.

Then there are Scorpions, because why not? More venomous, more aggressive, but hey, they drop Scales too, along with some rare goodies like Saffron and Lapislazuli Sand. There’s this big rock in the middle of Kindlewaste that’s basically a neon sign saying “good loot here,” so keep an eye out.

Gear up with something that hits hard. Spells like Acid Bite? Gold. They tear through Sand Digger armor like it’s paper, making your Scale farming way less of a headache.

Crafting With Scales

So, why all this hassle for Scales? Because they’re your ticket to end-game gear that doesn’t suck. We’re talking about crafting gear sets for Rangers, Barbarians, Wizards – you name it. Plus, upgrading your tools and stuff is pretty much impossible without these shiny little things.

Heads up, though, Kindlewaste is not for newbies. You need to be at least level 5 Flame to stand a chance, indicating this quest is late-game material. But trust me, the payoff? Worth it. It’s what separates the survivors from the warriors in Enshrouded.

Bottom line, Enshrouded throws you into a world where being a scavenger is just the start. Moving up means getting your hands dirty, and hunting for Scales in the Kindlewaste is where you prove your mettle. It’s rough, it’s tough, but hey, that’s what makes gearing up with those hard-earned Scales so satisfying. Follow this guide, and you’ll be decking out your character in no time. Let’s get hunting.

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