How To Get Shroud Liquid in Enshrouded

How To Get Shroud Liquid in Enshrouded

You need Shroud Liquid for crafting things like Shroud Survival Flasks, Flask of the Fell, and more. They let you hang out longer in the Enshrouded Zones or give you a stamina boost. And that’s not all. You also use this liquid to make Goo and Shroud Cores, which are key for pimping out your Flame Altar. Upgrading this altar is a big deal – it ups your building limit, lets you chill longer in the Shroud, and boosts your character’s attributes. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to get your hands on this stuff, where to look, and what to watch out for.

Where to find Shroud Liquid

How To Get Shroud Liquid in Enshrouded

Alright, first up, you wanna head to Springlands and Revelwood. These places are like Shroud Liquid central. You’re looking for mushrooms – the Puffball ones are what you need. They come in different types – some you just pick up, others you gotta chop. The bigger they are, the more liquid you get. Pro tip: start near the first base and make your way to Braelyn Bridge.

That route is like hitting the jackpot for mushroom clusters. And don’t ignore the little thin ones; they might look wimpy, but they pack a punch in Shroud Liquid. For the big mushrooms that look like Shiitakes or morels – these bad boys need a bit of elbow grease. Whip out your axe and get chopping.

Let’s talk about the tricky part – Shroud zones. These zones have this nasty toxin, and the game’s way of telling you “hey, watch out” is by flashing ‘Enshrouded’ under your compass. Keep an eye on that, and also the Shroud timer. You don’t wanna overstay your welcome.

When you’re in these zones, keep an eye out for weird-looking, coral-type plants. They’re kinda hidden in the fog, so you gotta focus. Once you spot them, chop them down for a chance at Shroud Liquid. And remember, this stuff looks like yellow watermelon slices on the ground. Easy to miss, so keep those eyes peeled.

So there you go, that’s the lowdown on snagging Shroud Liquid in Enshrouded. It’s all about knowing where to look, having the right tools, and being smart about the risks in Shroud zones.

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