How To Get Water in Enshrouded

How To Get Water in Enshrouded

You gotta drink Water in Enshrouded to stay alive, just like in the real world. But here’s the kicker: finding water isn’t easy. This guide’s gonna break down how to keep your thirst quenched so you can focus on the fun stuff, like exploring and battling.

Finding Water in Enshrouded


Alright, first things first, you can totally find water in Enshrouded by rummaging through stuff. Crates, sacks, and yeah, even bears (don’t ask) can hook you up with some H2O. But here’s the thing, it’s kinda hit or miss. You might find water, you might not.


Now, if you want something more reliable, wells are where it’s at. There’s this well near Longkeep, right where you start, close to a cooking fire. These wells don’t run dry. Give it a day or two (in-game time), and you will be able to loot it again.

Create Water Wells

Create Water Wells

You can build your own well. Grab 20 Linen, 100 Stone, and a Wooden Bucket for a basic setup. To upgrade, Throw in 100 Sandstone and 2 Iron Bars for an improved well that gets you water faster. It’s a bit of work, but you will have endless water.

Using Water in Enshrouded

Chugging water in Enshrouded is like popping a power-up. You get a nice little boost to Endurance and Stamina Recharge. We’re talking +1 Endurance and +2 Stamina Recharge for 10 minutes. So, keep sipping if you want to run around without gasping for air every five seconds.

Here’s the cool part: water’s not just for staying alive. You can make all sorts of stuff with it. Health potions, ice bolts for taking down enemies, even food like meat wraps and chicken soup. It’s like being a chef and a chemist, which is pretty rad.

Additional Info

Starting out, hit up places like Longkeep and Rookmore. They’re not just creepy; they’re full of containers and wells for water. And don’t be shy about smashing jars and stuff you find lying around. You’d be surprised how many of them have water.

Setting up a Flame Altar near a well, especially in Longkeep, is a game-changer. It’s like having your own personal oasis. Plus, looting in these spots can give you a nice stash of water, so you’re not running around parched.

So there you have it. Enshrouded might throw you into a world where water’s as scarce as a peaceful goblin, but with these tips, you’ll be handling your hydration like a pro.

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