How To Repair Weapons and Equipment In Enshrouded

How To Repair Weapons and Equipment In Enshrouded

You’ve probably noticed everything’s out to get you – from weird monsters to just a hungry wolf. You gotta have your gear in top shape or you’re toast. Stuff breaks down the more you use it. So in this guide you will learn how to repair weapons and equipment in Enshrouded.


First things first, the Workbench in Enshrouded. You gotta make one using 3 Strings and 8 Wood Logs. Strings are easy; just get three Plant Fibers. For Wood Logs, chop down some thick trees. You’ll find plenty around. But remember, you need a Flame Altar nearby to set this thing up. Once it’s there, just hit the E key when you’re near it. All your stuff in the hotbar and inventory gets fixed up for free. No resources or anything needed. The only bummer is you can’t lug the Workbench around. It’s gotta stay put next to a Flame Altar.


You’ll find Anvils in towns, villages, ruins – places where people used to hang out in Enshrouded. Walk up to one, do your thing (interact with it), and there’s this little animation. After that, your gear’s as good as new, just like the Workbench. The tricky part is finding these Anvils, and they don’t let you craft stuff like the Workbench does.

Keepin’ Your Gear from Breaking

Don’t let your stuff break. In Enshrouded, once something’s broken, it’s gone. So, keep an eye on that little bar under your weapons or gear in your hotbar. That’s your durability bar. When it gets low, hustle to a Workbench or find an Anvil ASAP.

What’s cool about this game is you don’t need to hoard resources just to fix your gear. Once you know where to fix your stuff, roaming around Embervale is a breeze. When you see your gear’s durability dipping, just fix it quick.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Keep an eye on your gear’s condition, use Workbenches and Anvils to keep them in shape, and don’t sweat about resources for repairs. Stay sharp and keep your gear sharper, and you’ll do just fine against whatever Enshrouded throws at you. Just don’t forget: if your stuff’s about to break, get to fixing it quick or you’ll end up with nothing!

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