How to Get Sulfur in Enshrouded

How to Get Sulfur in Enshrouded

So, you’re diving into Enshrouded and got to the point where Sulfur is the thing. It’s like, super important for crafting the cool stuff, especially those Eternal Spells that don’t run out. This guide’s gonna walk you through getting your hands on that yellow gold, making sure you’re prepped, finding it, and then turning it into awesome gear.

Where to Find Sulfur in Enshrouded

Where to Find Sulfur in Enshrouded

First up, you gotta hit up the Nomad Highlands. But hold up, you can’t just stroll in. You need your Flame Altar at level 4. That’s your ticket in. Then, there’s this Ancient Spire you gotta beat. It’s tough, but worth it because it unlocks fast travel. Makes life way easier.

Now, don’t even think about mining without a decent Pick Axe. The better your axe, the more stuff you get. And skills matter here too. Pump some points into Mason to hit harder and get more from each swing. Stamina’s a big deal since mining eats it up. Keep some honey or something on you to keep going longer.

Sulfur’s not just lying around everywhere. Glide southeast from the top of the Ancient Spire to hit a spot with lots of Sulfur and Lapislazuli. It’s all red rocks and easy to spot. But Enshrouded’s big on exploring. Between Kindlewastes and the Nomad Highlands, there’s plenty if you’re willing to look. Caves and mountainsides are gold mines for Sulfur.

But, here’s the thing, it’s not just about finding it. You gotta fight for it. Enemies are all over these spots. So, be ready to throw down if you wanna keep your loot.

Crafting with Sulfur

Got your Sulfur? Sweet. Time to craft. Eternal Spells are the big-ticket item because they never run out. But there’s a bunch of other stuff you can make. You’ll be working with the Alchemist, Carpenter, and Hunter a lot. They always need Sulfur.

For the hardcore gatherers, head west of the Kindlewastes Spire. Near the Sapphire Strand Point of Interest is where it’s at. There are like seven spots there that keep giving you Sulfur. And you can’t miss it. Sulfur’s bright yellow and kinda flaky looking.

Keep in mind, Enshrouded’s still getting updates. So, what you need Sulfur for might change. Stay on top of that, and you’ll be golden.

There you have it. That’s the rundown on snagging Sulfur in Enshrouded. It’s a bit of a grind, but totally worth it for the gear you can craft.

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