About Captures in Epic Age

About Captures in Epic Age

What is a Capture?

When the Durability of an enemy’s Main City in Epic Age is reduced to 0, they will be Captured by your Guild.

Capture Requirements:

You have to join a Guild to Capture neutral/hostile players. When you have not joined a Guild or when you are Captured, you may attack other players, but you cannot Capture them.

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Capture Effects

The Captured:

  • All of the Captured player’s tiles can be used as connecting tiles by the captor’s Guild members.
  • Captured players will lose the resource bonuses from their Guilds.
  • When a Guild Leader is Captured, all resources in their Guild Storage will be cleared.

The Captors:

The Captured
  • The captor’s Guild members can Garrison on the Captured player’s tiles.
  • The captor’s Guild members cannot attack the Captured player, and vice versa.

Note: Players Captured for the 1st time will be Impregnable for 6 hours. If they are Captured again within 24 hours of their 1st Capture, they will only be Impregnable for 4 hours.

How to be released from Captivity

Pay a Ransom:

  • Captured players can use the Pay Ransom feature to be released from captivity.

Be Rescued:

  • Captured players can escape captivity through being Rescued by their Guild or Alliance members.
  • The Rescue process is similar to a Siege. When the Durability of the Captured player’s Main City is reduced to 0, the player will be released from captivity.


  • If Emigrate is selected, you can Emigrate and start anew in another region, which will release you from captivity.

Take note! All your buildings and Territories will automatically be given up if you Emigrate.

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