About Guilds in Epic Age

About Guilds in Epic Age

Experience the joy of working with friends to win battles for your Guild! Players have to rally their Guild’s Squadrons and Artillery. The main Squadron will be in charge of attacking the Garrison Squadron, while the Artillery reduces the City’s Durability.

Occupying Cities/Fortresses

Garrison Squadron

Send the main Squadron first to defeat the City’s Garrison Squadron.

When the Garrison Squadron has no more Troops, send the Artillery to Siege the City.

Defense Squadron

When Squadrons attacking execute the Siege command, they have to battle the Defense Squadron once.

The City/Fortress will enter a 1-hour recovery period after the first Defense Squadron is attacked. If the Siege is not completed within that hour, the Garrison Squad will revert to its initial state.


– The Artillery Sieges the City once every 5 minutes, reducing the City’s durability. 

– The Guild occupies the City once the City’s Durability drops to 0.

– The occupied City will belong to the Guild of the player who dealt the final blow.

Squadrons spend a lot of Morale when Marching long distances. It’s not only time-consuming, but it also reduces their damage.

You can build Tents to solve this issue!

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Building Tents

Deploying a Squadron- Deploy a Squadron with higher Marching Speed to occupy a Territory.

Building a Tent- Build a Tent on the occupied Territory. Please take note that you cannot speed up the construction.

Upgrading your Tent- Upgrade your Tent to increase the number of Troops you can station there. You can spend Gold to speed up the upgrading.

Reducing Marching Time- If you transfer your Squadron to a Tent, you reduce their travel time by half without spending Morale.

Note: Members holding Guild Roles will send the target’s coordinates via Guild Mail or Guild Orders to all members before any Siege. With this information, you can plan where to place your Tent.

Lv 7 Fortress in the Resource Continent
Lv 7 Fortress in the Resource Continent


How to Relocate:
Occupy a Territory without any buildings in the adjacent 11 tiles (4+3+4). Relocate your Main City there.

Relocation Requirements

  • Main City is at least Lv 5.
  • All Squadrons are in the Main City.
  • Building Queue is empty.
  • You are not Captured.

After Relocating to the Resource Continent, ensure your main Squadron hits Lv 40 and your Artillery reaches Lv 20 as soon as possible to keep yourself ahead of the competition.

Lv 9 City - Jerusalem
Lv 9 City – Jerusalem
Lv 9 Fortress - Moon Gate
Lv 9 Fortress – Moon Gate

Occupying Fortresses is important, but occupying Cities in the central Region is also an extremely strategic move. Not only does it help to complete more Achievements in the Chronicles, but it also increases the number of accessible locations for Guild members to make tactical movements.

Route on the Map
Route on the Map
Final Goal - Lv 10 City, Atlantis
Final Goal – Lv 10 City, Atlantis
Final Goal - Lv 10 City, Atlantis

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