Epic Age Tips and Tricks, Beginner Guide

Epic Age Tips and Tricks, Beginner Guide

Novice Protection Time

Remember to make full use of the 48-hour Novice Protection time in Epic Age to build a solid foundation for winning:
– Wounded Healing Time and Territory Occupation Time are significantly reduced during the Novice Protection period. Grab the chance to strengthen your forces!
– Remember that you also enjoy 100% return of Reserves and Skill Points during this period, which means you can deploy Squadrons and change your Heroes’ Skills to expand your territory with no worry!

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Novice Protection Time

Fully use this period to complete the main Quests too. Use the Resources obtained from completing these Quests to upgrade your City Hall. Upgrading your City Hall increases your Squadrons’ Leadership limit. Squadrons that have Heroes with high Leadership will lead you to greater heights!

City Hall Epic Age

Upgrade Tech Military Theory to increase Hero Troop Capacity. The more Troops a Hero has, the more powerful their Squadron becomes.

Military Theory

Territory Related

Faction Value VS Occupying Territories

The higher a player’s Faction Value, the more Resources they have. You can increase your Faction Value by occupying more Territory. Occupying Territories is key to progressing in the game.

Note: Occupying Territories also increases Resource Production. You need Resources to research more Tech and recruit more Troops.

faction value

Territory Level and Squadron Strength

  • Below is the recommended number of Heroes and Squadron strength for Lv 1 to 5 Territories:
Territory LevelNumber of HeroesHero LevelSquadron Strength
Lv 12 HeroesLv 1-5200
Lv 22 HeroesLv 1-5600
Lv 32 HeroesLv 51,000
Lv 42 HeroesLv 8-103,500
Lv 5 3 HeroesLv 12-155,500


  • Take note of the counter relationships between different Troop Types.
  • Use the Trial feature to check if your current Squadron is strong enough to occupy the Territory before attacking.
  • Occupying Territories is the main way players increase their level in the early game. Once a Hero reaches Lv 40, their level can no longer be increased via occupying Territories. Their level can only be increased via PVP. Do note that the current max level for a Hero is Lv 50.

Scout and Trial features

Scout- Use the Scout feature to find out what type of Troops are occupying the high-level Territories before attacking. Deploy Troops that counter theirs to minimize losses.

Trial- Use the Trial feature to run a trial for your Squadrons and determine your probability of winning. Remember to attack only when you can successfully occupy the Territory without suffering heavy losses

  • Take note that there will be 2 Squadrons occupying Territories above Lv 6. The Trial feature only allows you to test with 1 enemy Squadron at a time. If you lose more than 1/3 of your Troops in the Trial, you will lose the battle.


In the early game, you only need to follow the main Quests to upgrade your Tech, City Hall, and Hero levels, and occupy Territories to progress smoothly. However, there are some restrictions all players have to face:

Territory Occupation:
There is a limit to how many Territories you can occupy.
If you find yourself near the limit, you can give up on lower-level Territories first, then complete main Quests to increase the limit and take it back if you want to.

Moving your Squadron costs 10 Stamina for each Hero in the Squadron. Stamina has no express recovery and can only be restored as time passes. Therefore, the Squadron is limited to how far they can move daily. I think this is a neat feature, as it ensures fair competition for all players—both pay-to-win and free-to-play.

A Squadron spends 1 Morale per tile to move, and their Morale recovers over time. You can also recover Morale by sending them back to the City or Tent. Take note that Squadrons with low Morale deal less damage. Therefore, it’s important to strategize your Tent’s location. I’ll cover more on this later.


While occupying Territories is important, strengthening your Heroes is equally essential too. Recruit Heroes and deploy 3 of them to form a Squadron. Assign the Squadron some Troops, and they can now perform different actions, such as Marching to occupy Territories or engaging in Siege battles.

-Occupy Territories with your Squadron to earn Hero EXP to increase the Heroes’ levels and Troop Capacity.
-A Hero’s Troop Capacity increases by 100 for every level.
-They also get 10 Attribute Points that you can use to boost their attributes.

Spend 2 Heroes of the same grade to Awaken a Hero. The Hero also unlocks their third Skill after being Awakened.

Consume a duplicate of the Hero to Advance them once. Each Advancement grants 10 additional Attribute Points for you to assign.


Inheritance Skills:
All Heroes have an Inheritance Skill that can be imparted to other Heroes via conversion.
Heroes converted into Inheritance Skills will not be returned after resetting.

Spend Silver Coins to recruit Heroes of a lower grade.
Then spend more Silver Coins to convert these Heroes into Skill Points (SP). You can spend Gold to get double SP.
Use SP to upgrade Skills.

Getting Heroes in Epic Age
Getting Heroes in Epic Age 1

Heroes and Skills

The combination of Heroes and Skills forms the game’s core gameplay.

Here are some helpful tips for forming your Squadron:
-Place 3 Heroes with the same Troop Compatibility and from the same Faction in the same Squadron to get more bonuses.
-Every Hero has an Initial Skill. Select 3 Heroes with compatible Initial Skills to form a Squadron.
-You can select other Skills compatible with the Hero’s Initial Skill and Attributes. For example, you can match a Hero with high Attack with Skills that deal high Physical Damage. You can also assign a Hero with high Intelligence with healing Skills or Skills that deal high Tactical Damage.

Below is an example after applying the tips given:

Hero Lineup

  • Frederick I (Chief) + Richard I (Lieutenant) + Philip II of France (Lieutenant)

Thought Process

  • This lineup is based on Richard I’s Initial Skill, which deals Physical Damage to enemies when he takes Physical Damage.
  • I want to match Richard I’s Initial Skill with one that allows him to deal more hits so that he can deal more damage.
  • To protect him from taking too much damage, he will also need Skills that can increase his Defense.

Initial Skills Compatibility

  • Frederick I’s Initial Skill [Massacre] deals Physical Damage to enemies and allies.
  • If Frederick I’s Skill deals damage to Richard I, his Initial Skill [Crusader’s Soul] will be activated and has a chance to deal Physical Damage to 2 enemies.
  • Lastly, Philip II of France’s Initial Skill [Waiting Game] helps Richard I, who has the highest Defense, block damage dealt to all allies and recover Troops.
  • This lineup allows the Squadron to deal maximum damage. Meanwhile, allowing Richard I to take most of the damage and heal himself.

Suggested Skill Combinations

  • Frederick I: Equip him with Skills that increase Physical Damage.
  • Richard I: Equip him with Skills that allow him to take damage or Taunt enemies while increasing his Defense to reduce the damage taken.
  • Philip II of France: Equip him with Skills that increase Physical Damage with healing effects to reduce the damage taken.
Hero Lineup Epic Age

Note: You can view the Battle Report to check your current lineup’s effects and Skill compatibility. Understanding how Skills work with each other is key to creating powerful lineups.

More Cool Tips

Tap Switch Heroes in the assigning interface to switch your Hero’s position without redeploying them.

Switch Heroes

There’s a limit to how many Territories you can occupy. If you find yourself near the limit, you can give up on lower-level Territories first, then complete main Quests to increase your Territory limit. Tap the [X] button to give up the Territory. Tap [X] again to cancel the action.


You can build [Advanced Buildings] on Lv 6 and above Territories.

Lv 6 and above Territories

Level RequirementAdvanced BuildingEffects
Lv 6MintIncreases Silver Coin production
Lv 7WorkshopIncreases Resource production
Lv 8ArsenalIncreases the Main City’s Reserve limit
Lv 9Decree OfficeIncreases the Decree limit
Lv 10OutpostIncreases Heroes’ Stamina limit

Note: You can upgrade Advanced Buildings to enhance their effects.

Strategic Buildings: Tents, Towers, and Chevaux-de-Frise – Unlock the relevant Tech to start building them!

Tents, Towers, and Chevaux-de-Frise

For buildings such as Tents, Workshops, and Mints, you can spend 20 Gold to speed up upgrading by tapping the Upgrade button while the building is upgrading. However, you can’t use Gold to speed up the upgrading for Towers and Chevaux-de-Frise.

You also can’t spend Gold to increase Construction Speed.

Construction Speed

Make sure that you redeem all Epic Age Codes like EANEWBIE. Keep in mind that they are time-limited so download the game from this Download Link and redeem all of them for a great start.

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