Epic Age Ultimate Hero Guide 

Epic Age Ultimate Hero Guide 

There are a lot of different heroes that you can get in the Epic Age. Each hero is unique with different stats, skills attributes, and so on. It is important to know everything about heroes and how to upgrade them so you can get maximum from them. So in this guide, we will explain everything about heroes and how to improve them so you can dominate and progress faster.

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Each hero has stamina and with every action that you do, you will spend 10 stamina. Every 5 minutes your hero will get one stamina. In total each hero can hold 80 stamina. To get most of your commanders and to level up them you have to spend all your stamina and never let it go full. Once your hero stamina gets full you will no longer produce it. When you spend all your stamina, your hero will get it back in 6 hours. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to get additional stamina so you have to plan how you will use your hero. The tip that we can give you is to use bad and low-rarity heroes to take low-level territory. By doing this you save stamina on your stronger heroes so you can attack stronger enemies and higher-level territory.



There are a lot of attributes and each hero has a different number of them. To get additional attribute points you have to advance your hero. You can do that by using a copy of your hero that you are upgrading. Once you advance your hero you will get 10 attribute points that you can use. What attribute points you will get depends on the hero’s type, role, what you need, what skills you are using, etc. You will also get 10 attribute points every time your hero gets 10 levels. 

Attributes are: Attack affects Physical damage, Defense affects Physical defense, Intelligence affects Tactical damage and Tactical defense, Speed affects the order of attacks in battle, Politics, and Charm affects Appointment bonus.


Reseat of heroes is a great feature in Epic Age that will allow you to take back all heroes that were spent in advancing and awakening and you will get back 80% of the materials. Keep in mind that you can only reset one hero every 10 days so be careful how you use it. 


Awakening hero is basically unlocking his third skill slot. This is extremely important to do if you want to get the maximum from your hero. To Awaken your hero you have to level up to level 20 and get the initial skill to level 10.  

Additional bonuses for heroes

There are additional bonuses that you have to know which will increase your damage, basic attributes, and much more. 

Faction– Heroes in Epic Age are divided into 4 different factions and when you combine a team that has all heroes from the same faction you will get additional attributes. For this to work you must upgrade the main city technology of the faction that you will use. 

Talent- Each hero will have different talents for troops. For example, if your hero has infantry talent A and archer talent B and you archers, you will get more talent attributes if you are using infantry troops. So always make sure that you use the correct troops.  

Equipment- You will equip equipment for your hero when he reaches level 10. Now, what equipment you will use depends on the type of hero, what you plan, what troops you will use etc. 

Counters- Each type of troop is good against one type of troop while weak against other types of troops. So keep an eye on what type of troops you are attacking. Just make sure that you do not attack other troops with Artillery units, in most cases you will lose. 

  • Cavalry are strong against Infantry
  • Infantry are strong against Archers
  • Archers are strong against Spearmans
  • Spearmens are strong against Cavalry
  • All other troop types are strong against Artillery.

Focus on a few heroes

There are a lot of commanders that you will come across in Epic Age and you will need a lot of time and resources to upgrade them. So make sure that you focus on one or a set of commanders at the start that you will use. There is no point in upgrading all commanders at once, you will only waste your time and resources. There is Reset that you can use but you will lose 20% of the materials spent on upgrading skills which is a huge amount of materials so make sure that you plan what hero you will upgrade and use.  

How to get heroes in Epic Age

How to get heroes in Epic Age

In the Epic Age, there are a few ways to get heroes but the majority of heroes will come from the Recruit section. There you have 2 options in the Recruit section. The first one is where you can get legendary heroes and to open packs you will need gold. What is great about this legendary pack is that you will get guaranteed legendary heroes after the first 10 recruits.

The second one is the section where you can get epic heroes and you will need silver coins to open packs. You want to open as many as you can because you will have a lot of duplicate heroes which can be converted into SP that you will use to upgrade hero skills. 


  •  Get 1 Hero per Recruit 
  •  5.66% chance of getting a Legendary Hero 
  •  36.23% chance of getting an Epic Hero 
  •  58.11% chance of getting an Elite Hero 
  •  Guaranteed Epic or Legendary Hero every 5 Recruits 
  •  Guaranteed Legendary Hero in 25 consecutive Recruits


  •  Get I Hero per Recruit. 
  •  0.2% chance of getting an Epic Hero. 
  •  2% chance of getting an Elite Hero. 
  •  38% chance of getting a Good Hero. 
  •  59.8% chance of getting a Common Hero.

You can also get heroes from in-game events and in-game shops. So make sure that you check the in-game shop and complete every single event that there is. Complete every event not only because you will get heroes but you will also get other free items that will boost your progression 


Conclusion There are a lot of different heroes in Epic Age and each one can be upgraded, skilled, leveled, and so on. It is best to focus on a few heroes at the start so you can take higher-level territory. Also, keep eye on faction, bond, and troop bonuses so you can get maximum from your heroes.

Make sure that you collect as many silver coins and gold as you can so you can open packs to get more resources and heroes. Redeem all Epic Age Codes like EANEWBIE. Keep in mind that they are time-limited so download the game- Download Link.

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