Gathering Resources Guide Evony The King’s Return

Gathering Resources Guide Evony The King's Return

Gathering resources in Evony The King’s Return is one of the crucial things that you have to know how to do efficiently. Almost everything you do in Evony The King’s Return necessarily requires the use of resources. You will use resources for building, researching, training, and other purposes.

There are numerous things you can do to increase your resources gathering so that you never run out of resources again.

Before we start with a list of things that will increase gathering you should check out our Evony The King’s Return tier list and guide on how to play Evony The King’s Return on PC.

Gathering Technology

Well, one of the most important things you will do in Evony is research technology. The King’s Return will increase your power and strength, but there are technologies that will speed up your gathering. You should focus on it as much as possible, but don’t forget about the technology that will strengthen your troops.

It is critical that you focus on technology that will increase your gathering speed because you will be using resources all the time and will require a lot of them.

Resources Tile Level

You have resource tiles, just like in most mobile games. They are used for resource gathering. There are different levels of resource tiles in Evony The King’s Return. Higher-level tiles will increase your resource gathering speed and provide you with more resources. So try to farm as many higher tiles as you can.

Gathering gear

In Evony The King’s Return, there is a monarch piece of equipment that will increase your gathering speed. You should get it and use it constantly. Every buff you obtain from the gathering will be beneficial to you.

Generals for gathering

First, there are generals who will increase your gathering speed and provide you with extra resources. You should always use them. What’s more, in Evony The King’s Return, all gathering stats are stacked, so equip generals with gathering gear to boost their gathering abilities. It will greatly assist you in your gathering.

Gathering buff items

When you use certain items in Evony The King’s Return, your gathering speed will increase. They’re fantastic, and you should use them all of the time. You can easily obtain them, so don’t be afraid to use them all the time.

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