Gems Obtaining Guide in Evony The King’s Return

Gems Obtaining Guide

Gems in Evony The King’s Return are one of the most important resources because you can do everything with them, so knowing how to get them quickly is essential, especially if you are a free to play player.

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Gathering Gems

Gathering gems in Evony The King’s Return is simply not worth it, despite the fact that it is one of the simplest methods. You will deplete your stamina, and gathering a few gems will take a long time. The issue is that it will take up your march spot, preventing you from attacking, gathering resources, or hunting monsters. Overall, it is not worth it, particularly if you are a new player with low commanders, research, and gear. It is preferable to devote your time to activities that will accelerate your growth.

Daily Login and Offerings

Every day you log in to Evony The King’s Return, you will receive free gems. Each week, you will receive 2500 gems in total for logging in on a daily basis. The shrine contains daily login rewards.

There is also the option to receive additional gems if you make an offering at the shrine, which is completely worth it.

Server Gift on the wall

Every hour, you can collect gifts, but the rewards are random. Each week, you should be able to earn at least 5400 gems. It will spawn randomly and you can find it on your city walls.

Undead Invasion Event

If you’re in a good alliance, this event should be relatively easy to complete. You will receive gems based on your score and alliance rating. You can earn over 1500 gems in total if you complete the undead invasion event. It is worthwhile.

Monarch Competition

Monarch Competition in Evony The King’s Return is an excellent way to obtain a large number of gems each week. There are five stages, and each stage will award you with gems. Last 2 days you will do a kill event. This one can be difficult and require a lot of resources, but give it your all because it will reward you with 1500 gems.

Each week, you can earn around 3500 gems in the Monarch Competition.

BOC (Battle of Constantinople)

The Battle of Constantinople is critical to your gem farming progress. The minimum amount of gems you can get from it is 8k gems, and the maximum amount is 40k gems. Everything is determined by your individual score and how well you performed.

To participate in this event, you must be in a top-ten alliance and ask your r4 and r5 to add you to the roster. When you enter BOC, all you have to do is get 250 individual scores to earn 8k gems.

Battle Of Constantinople BOC is one of the best game modes for earning gems.

In-game activity

This is a relatively simple way to receive gems every day. All you have to do is get a 145 activity score in a tavern and you’ll get gems. The number of gems you receive from the tavern each day is determined by your keep level. A higher keep level results in more gems per day.

World boss event

One of the best ways to obtain gems is to participate in the World Boss Event. You will be able to attack the world boss 5 times per day, and each attack will grant you gems. There is also an individual leaderboard that ranks players based on damage. If you are playing for free, you will have a difficult time climbing the leaderboard, but give it your all because the rewards are insanely good.

Server War

Server wars are an excellent way to obtain gems. Every two weeks, a server war will appear in your kingdom, divided into two ranking systems. The first is called Monarch Ranking, and the second is called Monarch Score. This event is pay to win, but you can also earn some nice prizes if you give it your all.

Unusual Eggs

Crazy Eggs is a fantastic event that can provide you with an insane amount of gems. You have to give your best to complete these events. This event does not occur every week, so make sure you don’t miss it.

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