How to Increase march speed in Evony The Return of the King

How to Increase march speed Guide

March speed in Evony The King’s Return is the speed at which your troops will arrive at the location. There are several things you can do to speed up your march. March speed is a crucial thing in Evony The King’s Return especially if you are fighting against other players.

ADV march speed items that will boost your march speed

Items that will speed up your march- Items marked as adv march speed will increase your march speed by 50% or 30%. If you need to get somewhere quickly, this is a great item to use on your troops. The issue with adv march speed is that it is only a short-term solution for increasing march speed. Several events and shops sell advance march speed items.

To use advanced march speed, simply click on your troops on the map and select the option speed up. When you press it, you will have the option of increasing your march speed by 30% or 50%. You can use several adv march speeds to get to the location instantly. It is ideal for quick attacks.

General march speed boost

General leadership can provide a significant boost in march speed. By leveling up your generals, using dragons, enchanting, and cultivating, you can increase the amount of boost.
Use generals who can increase march speed, such as Seleucus I and Huo Qubing.

General Equipment- The only pieces of equipment that can increase your march speed are bows. You can also improve it through refinement. Keep in mind that refinement will only increase march speed on boots and bows.

Research march speed boost

Some research will help you increase your marching speed. You don’t have to be concerned about this. With time, you will have completed all of your research, and if you are a new player, you should not be concerned about march speed.

VIP march boost

As you progress through the VIP levels, your march speed will increase. We’ve already discussed how important VIP levels are for growth, but march speed is one of the perks that VIP provides. So use VIP time to activate your VIP status. It is associated with it.

Dragons and Spiritual Beast march speed boost

If you assign a Fafnir dragon to your general, you will gain march speed. To get 30% more march speed from dragons, you must raise it to level 10. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to spend your resources to gain a march speed boost from dragons.

Thunder Scorpion from Spiritual beasts can speed up your march. You will have to invest a lot of resources and time to get a decent march speed out of it, and it is not worth it, especially if you are a free player.

Monarch Gear

One of the items in monarch gear is the Courage Horn. If you level it up to LVL 6, it can increase your march speed by 30%. Now if you are a new player I would not pay too much attention to this

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