Monarch gear Guide Evony The King’s Return

Monarch gear Guide

Monarch gear in Evony The King’s Return is one of the important items that you must know how to use and level up. It will speed up your growth and increase the strength of your generals and troops.

You will constantly use monarch gear for various tasks such as building, gathering, fighting, and so on. There are many different pieces of monarch gear with different stats and buffs, so knowing how and when to use them is critical to receiving all of the benefits

How and when to use monarch gear

First, check your monarch gear to see what buffs and stats it provide Equip gear that you need.

When you are going to build something in your city use Strength Crown. What matters is that you can switch gears once you start building. The bonus will be kept. You will not receive a buff if you begin building and then equip gear. As a result, it is critical that you equip it before you begin building. The same is for researching, crafting equipment, training, gathering, healing, marching, and trap building.

If you don’t have them before you start something, you won’t get any buffs; if you equip them after you start something, you won’t get any buffs. When you start something, you can take them off and use different equipment.

When you’re fighting another player or a monster, you want your gear to be active at all times. If you remove them while fighting, you will not receive bonuses or buffs, making you instantly weaker.

Faster Way to Level Up Monarch Gear

Leveling monarch gear is not as difficult as it appears. As a free-to-play player, you can level up your monarch gear in 2 months if you are active. Combining gears on the same level can be used to level monarch gear. There are four ways to obtain monarch gear for leveling.


Buying gear from a store to increase the level of monarch gear isn’t worth it if you’re free to play as a player. There are better places to spend your precious gems. If you are a pay-to-win player, you can spend gems in the store if you are in a hurry or have a large number of extra gems.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a great place to get gear for leveling up your monarch gear, but luck is important here as well. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a lot of equipment. It is entirely up to you whether or not to put your gems at risk.

The black market

The black market is a fantastic place to buy leveling equipment. You will buy everything you can from the black market. Simply avoid gear that costs more than 1k gems; it is overpriced and not worth it.

Patrol incessantly

Patrol incessantly is the best place to buy monarch gear for leveling. The value you can get here is insane, so spend all of your gems here. You’ll keep refreshing Patrol as much as you can with gold, and whenever new gear appears, you’ll buy it. It will cost 30 gems and is completely worth it. For only 1000 gems, you can obtain 40 pieces of equipment. So spend everything you have.


Monarch gear is an important item in Evony The King’s Return that every player should learn how to use and obtain. It will save you a lot of time and accelerate your progress. Overall, getting monarch gear and leveling it up isn’t that difficult. You will be able to level up your monarch gear extremely quickly if you use Patrol incessantly.

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