Evony Ramesses II Skill and Guide

Evony Ramesses II Grant Skill and Guide

Ramesses II is general in Evony who one of best generals for Siege when all of his skills are maxed. He can also be used as Defense General. You can purchase Ramesses II in the tavern for 40 million gold. There are a lot of different generals in Evony, so you can check out the list of best generals to see how well he is performing compared to other generals. 

Ramesses II Details 

  • Leadership: Base 113 Growth 8.75
  • Attack: Base 111 Growth 8.79
  • Defense: Base 106 Growth 8.56
  • Politics: Base 112 Growth 8.75
  • Base Power: 14,247
  • Region: Other
  • Ascended: Yes
  • Best role: Siege PvP

Ramesses II Skill and Specialties

Here are all the skills that you can unlock for Ramesses II when he reaches level 25 in Evony. It can be quite expensive and time-consuming to unlock, so see what the better options are and whether you need him. 

Siege Machine Formation

  • Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine Defense +10%


  • Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%

Siege Machine Ares

  • Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine HP +10%
  • Siege Machine Defense +10%

Battle of Kadesh

  • Marching Siege Machine Attack +30%
  • Marching Ground Troop HP +30%

Great Pharaoh (Special Skill)

Increases siege machines’ attack and defense by 20% and ground troops’ HP by 10% when General is leading the army.

Ramesses II Skill Books Build

In Evony, Ramesses II is a general who is good at siege, so you want to get skill books that will increase his siege damage and stats.

  • Level 4 Siege Machine Attack: Siege Attack +25%
  • Level 4 Ranged Troop Range Bonus: Ranged Troop Range +100
  • Lvl 4 March Size: March Size +12%

Ascended Buffs

  • 1 Star – Siege Machine Attack +10%, Ground Troop Defense +10%.
  • 2 Star – Increases Troop Death into Wounded Rate by 10% when General is leading the army to attack.
  • 3 Star – When General is launching Alliance War, Rally Capacity +8%.
  • 4 Star – Siege Machine Attack +10%, Ground Troop HP +10%.
  • 5 Star – Siege Machine Attack +10%, Defense and HP +15%.

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