Subordinate City Guide Evony The King’s Return

Subordinate City Guide

Subordinate City will be available when you reach level 11 in Evony The King’s Return that will provide you with numerous benefits such as buffs, debuffs, general experience, and production bonuses, but you must know how to maximize them.

Subordinate City Evony in will help you tremendously speed up your progress, so obtain it and optimize it as soon as possible. There is one issue with subordinate cities, and that is their lack of strength. They are easily killed, so training troops inside them is not advised.

They are weak at first, and there are many great and general buffs that will debuff your subordinate cities, allowing them to be easily destroyed. You will only use subordinate cities for the buffs they will give you.

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Buffs from Subordinate City

Each Subordinate City in Evony has buffs that you can activate. They can reduce your research speed, building speed, and much more. What is great is that buffs from Subordinate City can be stacked if they are of the same culture and in total, you can have 9 of them. Each city has a different rarity, and the higher the rarity, the more buffs you will receive.

The Subordinate City’s culture is important. What buffs you get are determined by Subordinate City culture .  If you need more resources, for example, you can Korea Subordinate City.

  • Korea- More resources will be gathered, which will increase warehouse capacity.
  • America- Increase gold production and research speed ( great for new players)
  • Europe- Construction buff and increased experience from monster killing ( great for new players)

PVP Subordinate City cultures

PVP In Evony The King’s Return, subordinate city cultures are excellent for combat. They are now all good and serve a purpose. It is entirely up to you which culture you will utilize. Analyze what you do the most and what you need.

China- Increased training speed and production of resources
Arabia- healing capacity and healing speed buff
Japan- Troop attack buff and factory material production speed buff
Russia- Trap attack and city attack buff

General Experience farming subordinate city

You can use your subordinate city for fighting and if you use general in the subordinate city, they will receive expiration. General will get the full experience while the mayor will get half of it. This is not the best way to level your generals.


Evony subordinate cities The King’s Return is excellent for obtaining useful buffs. There are various rarities. What buff they will give you is determined by the culture. The rarity of subordinate cities is also important because the higher the rarity, the more buffs you will receive, so try to get higher levels of subordinate cities. Overall, subordinate cities are excellent for both new players and players who enjoy PVP. Do not forget to check out Evony The King’s Return PC version.

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