Best Mobile Games of 2024

Best Mobile Games

Mobile gaming has become a genre itself, not to be taken lightly. In the early days, gaming on the phone meant something casual, to pass the time, not anymore. People have more access to a smartphone than a proper gaming PC or gaming console. Smartphones have become powerful with time, capable of handling games with good graphics and complex controls that can sometimes match the standards of AAA title games.

Every year hundreds of offline and online games are released for the two most popular smartphone operating systems- android and iOS, from big studios and small indie studios. There are so many games released every year that it has become very hard to track all of them. However, we have curated a few offline, and online games, which we think are the best mobile games of 2022.

1) Cats & Soup- Relaxing Cat Game:

Cats & Soup- Relaxing Cat Gam

Made by HIDEA studio, this is an offline casual 2D game. Full of adorable cats who make soups is the theme of the game. The game is very relaxing and fun to play. The gameplay consists of helping cats make soup in a forest setting. As you progress through the game, you win coins for making soups.

Using those coins, you can buy more cats to help you in other jobs like cutting carrots, gathering woods for fire, etc. Gradually you make a colony full of cats making soups and helping each other. The art style is very simple and aesthetic, perfectly matching the theme. Also, there is a day and night cycle and a dynamic weather system. There are in-app purchases where you can spend money for faster upgrades and exclusive items. The game has more than 8 million downloads.

2) Epic War: Thrones:

Epic War Thrones

Archosaur Games studio’s online RPG strategy game resembles Age of Empires style gameplay. You are a lord in the Three Kingdoms, your duty is to build your city, research technologies, and expand territories to boost resource production. You can train your army with different skill sets and battle formations. The kingdom invasion occurs online in real-time PvP mode. Made in Unreal Engine 4, Epic War: Thrones brings PC-level experience to mobile. This game features in-app purchases for various game items.

3) Thetan Arena – MOBA & Battle Royale:

Thetan Arena – MOBA & Battle Royale

This is an online PvP MOBA game by WolfFun studio. This game looks very attractive with its colorful style, 3D models, and stylistic characters. There are three game modes to choose from- battle royale mode (solo/duo) with 42 players, deathmatch mode, and classic tower defense MOBA mode. Each character has unique abilities and playstyle, unlocked via progressing or in-app purchases. Every month new game modes are released. As of now popular MOBA title- League of Legends is in the early access stage for mobile devices, Thetan Arena – MOBA & Battle Royale can be considered the best game of 2022 in the MOBA category.

4) RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme:

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

The gaming list is incomplete without a racing game. This racing game by SMOKOKO LTD studio brings a twist to the racing genre. If you love the Death Race movie franchise, you will undoubtedly like this game. In this game, you race with big cars like monster trucks equipped with canons, rocket launchers, machine guns, and whatnot! RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is full of epic explosions, destruction, and effects. The game feels immersive due to highly detailed graphics, day and night cycles, neon signs, adrenaline-pumping music, speed ramps, and jaw-dropping stunts. It offers battle royale style racing mode, career mode, and tournaments. You can unlock new cars and items by winning races and leveling up or pay real money to upgrade faster via in-app purchases.

5) Pokemon UNITE:

Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon needs no introduction. This online game explores the MOBA genre, released under The Pokemon Company studio. You can choose from a wide array of pokemon and jump into a real-time 5 vs 5 tower defense battle. This game needs strategy because every pokemon has different abilities and is strong or weak against different elements. The team which captures the opponent’s tower first wins. There is a world ranking system to compete with the world’s top players for the highest spot. This game also has in-app purchases.

6) Blue Archive

Blue Archive

This online story-based game by NEXON Company studio belongs to the J-RPG genre. In this game, you are appointed as an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, located in the fictional town of Kivotos, where you have to resolve endless incidents, interact with other characters to progress through the story, and participate in battles. The character interaction feels very genuine, and every major character has their personality and depth. This military action-adventure offers you different skill sets to use in battles. Leveling up can be done by grinding or in-app purchases.

7) PUBG: New State:

From the KRAFTON Inc. studios, PUBG: New State is the newest iteration of the already hit PUBG Mobile, which took the mobile gaming genre by storm. Set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-ish world, this game follows the same formula and gameplay style as PUBG Mobile. With the introduction of a new map, new cars, new skins, and a few new weapons, New State has all the elements from its predecessor to be a successful e-sport hotcake. It is impossible not to include an action shooter battle royale in the best games list. The game already has 10 million-plus downloads on the play store.

There you have it. These are some of the best mobile games of 2022 for android and iOS. We have covered RPG to MOBA and shooter to racing games. Now it’s your turn to try them all.

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