The Best Mobile Idle Games You Need To Know In 2024

The Best Mobile Idle Games You Need To Know In 2021

Gaming has come around and conquered the world like never before. The Global gaming industry has seen such a boom in past years that the statistics have gone oodles. In 2020, mobile games revenue in the U.S. reached a record 10.73 billion US Dollars.

 But Idle games have recently garnered popularity. 

Idle games are omnipresent. These are games where the play requires little or no interplay throughout the game. 

Idle games are ideal for real game lovers. The gamers can play the game when they are tired or too busy playing other games because idle games play themselves!

Idle games are also known as Clicker games, Incremental games, or Offline games, and we are going to discuss some of the best mobile idle games. Idle games are also much more different than RPG games.

The Best Mobile Idle Games: Top 10

Ever since idle games became popular, there have been new launches in the gaming market every other day. This makes it hard to choose the best ones. So, here is the list of the top 10 best mobile idle games.

All the games listed here are successful and enjoyed by millions of players. Let’s dive right in. 

AFK Arena

Afk Arena

If you even have the slightest interest in building a powerful party of fantasy heroes without actually playing the game? If yes, then AFK Arena is the perfect game for you. 

AFK Arena is an idle RPG that centers around quick progression and loads of loot while your heroes continue fighting without any player inputs. 

This allows you to focus on essential things, like acquiring new party members and equipping yourself with fancy gear.

Availability: AFK Arena is available on both Android and iOS.

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist

Who would say no to a chance of making money without having to do anything? Well, if you would like to earn some, Adventure Capitalist might be the perfect game for you. 

Adventure Capitalist is known as the world’s greatest money-making idle game. The game begins with a lemonade stand followed by fiscal domination. 

Also, the game allows you to hire others to do the work for you while you watch your possessions multiply, exactly like any good capitalist. 

Availability: The game is available on both Android and iOS. 

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game available for free. The game allows you to manage your vault in the Fallout universe. 

All you have to do is build an underground world for inhabitants seeking shelter from the deadly world. After building the vault, your task is to be the foreman.

Meaning, just wait for the explorers to return and the resources to generate. Initially released in 2015, the game has since been updated with new features and rolled out to more platforms.

Availability: Fallout Shelter is available on both Android and iOS. 

Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder

The Realm Grinder opens on a small farm, where you have to develop and build your holdings into an entrenched realm. Also, you have to traverse through the country and alliances. 

While reading, it might sound like a tedious task and a lot of work. However, it is not like that, because all you have to do is tap. Yes, just tap. The Realm Grinder impressively picks up on these tapping.  

Real Grinder has enormous depth, meaning it allows you to select a faction, engage in diplomacy and even devise and unlock technologies. If you think about how it offers so much as an idle game, you are right. You can expect everything you get from an RTS town-builder. 

Availability: Realm Grinder is available on both Android and iOS. 

Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2

It might sound like a game that involves tap dancing players, but it is not. In Tap Titan 2, you are the Sword Master, the hero of legend who has to kill titans.

As the Sword Master, all you have to do is sit in the center of the screen and swing your sword while the swarms of titans come and die. Tap Titan 2 is recognized as an idle game as you can summon champions or use abilities to attack. 

It also allows you to do heavy damage by just tapping on the screen. With over 70,000 levels and 60 unique monsters, it sure is must play if you want to prove yourself a hero. 

Availability: The game is available on both Android and iOS. 

Idle Oil Tycoon

Well, if you ever wish to live a lavish life like the ones they show in movies, try playing Idle Oil Tycoon. No, you will not become a billionaire overnight, but you sure will be able to experience some via Oil Tycoon. 

All you have to do is strike oil in the backyard while you play. Yes, that is it. After doing that, just sit back and relax as your fortune multiplies. Also, the players are seldom required to return to upgrade the wells and even sell them at the appropriate time if necessary. 

Availability: The Idle Oil Tycoon is available on both Android and iOS. 

Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows

Have you ever wanted or dreamed of being the commander of the Night’s watch? Here, you can play the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch! You initiate as the head commander and ultimately take over as the leader— who makes crucial decisions anticipating the results. 

You have to send out rangers to explore, deal with home issues, and track requests from other kingdoms. However, the best part is that you get notifications throughout the day, as the rangers send ravens back to you. 

Availability: The Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is available on Arcade and iOS mobile devices. However, they are yet to announce the Android launch.

Bitcoin Billionaire

If you ever wished to build a fortune based on your bitcoin investments, but your circumstances and whole bitcoin melodrama refrain you from that, try your hands on Bitcoin Billionaire. 

Of course, it will not fetch you real riches, but you will see yourself go from a zero in a rundown home office to building your bitcoin fortune followed by its multiplication. 

Also, Bitcoin Billionaire involves concepts of time travel, where your tapping becomes extremely compelling. It cleaves through space-time into an entirely different era. This is the kind of idle game that you might get addicted to. 

Availability: The Bitcoin Billionaire is available on both Android and iOS. 

Clickpocalypse II

Clickpocalypse II is a dungeon-crawling RPG. In this idle game, you can build a clan of explorers/adventurers to raid the monster-filled stronghold, slaughtering creatures that come their way. 

The game is a true idle game as the player just starts by picking a bunch of heroes to do all the dirty work and then sit and watch the action happen. The heroes find items, level up, and upgrade abilities. Clearing the dungeons and conquering the castles remains the main aim. 

Availability: The Clickpocalypse II is available on both Android and iOS. 

Cookie Clickers

This game is the simplest game you would ever play. All you have to do is – get the cookies. Bake millions of delicious cookies by tapping on one giant cookie! Yes, you read it right. 

Initially, you have to tap the cookie right in the center of the screen. Later, when you get more cookies, you can use them and upgrade your cookie harvest action. 

If things go well, you will be able to harvest billions of cookies, and that is it. You would probably feel like a cookie god or something!

Availability: The Cookie Clickers is available on both Android and iOS. 

What Makes a Good Idle Game?

Idle games are easy to begin with, so beginners do not find it hard to get through, and the first step is to click or tap somewhere in the game. The first click generates currency. The tapping and easy start are two of the key features of a good idle game. Let’s look at some others. 

Upgrades: Upgrades are an essential part of idle games. Without upgrades, the game would become monotonous. 

Difficulty and Complexity: An easy beginning is essential, but the bar needs a raise eventually to prevent the game from becoming boring. 

Rewards: A good idle game constantly generates currency while you are not playing to make the player feel rewarded when he comes back. 

Mechanics that make you want to play: Constant improvements make the players stay for a longer time. If there are no developments in mechanics, players will return, spend all the currency quickly, resulting in a shorter loop.

Final Thoughts

Our list of games does not depend on any ranking system. All the games mentioned above are genuinely the best mobile idle games, and millions of gamers love them. 

To all the hard-core gamers, these idle games might come as a breath of fresh air for you whenever you want to take a break from those PCs.

That’s the end of our list! Now that you have the list, choose the best one and get playing!

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