The Best Mobile RPGs   

The Best Mobile RPGs   

Role-playing games or RPGs are popular, and people love them because they are story-driven and available on smartphones. Earlier, these games were for your PCs. Since the games have made their home to your tablets and phone, you can’t miss out on a fun experience.   

RPGs let you enjoy a world of fantasy, even for a little while. It is an experience worthy. With RPGs, you can live inside space operas and enjoy narratives. Here, you will explore the best mobile RPGs which can help you out of boredom while commuting to the office. 

This is a list of the best Mobile RPG-s but we created a list for Best Mobile MMORPG-s that is worth checking out.

Best Mobile RPGs   

We have compiled a list of RPGs that you can explore below:   

  1. Battle Chasers: Night War   
Battle Chasers_ Night War   

Night War is a mobile RPG that offers a complete experience in itself. This award-winning game has no paid DLC or app purchase, making you hassle-free from endless ads about the purchase.   

The game begins with a world of concealed dungeons, grand bosses, and other surprises. It is noteworthy that the game origin comes from a graphic novel of the same title. The leading character is Gully, who is young and on a quest.   

Her father disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and she is searching for him, who left powerful gauntlets. She uses these gauntlets in her adventure. Later, she gets support from Knowlan and other supporting casts. Besides, this game is full of enemies and battles.   

Also, you can update your armors, jewelry, and weapons to have an amazing experience on a boring bus commute. Whether as a fan or a newcomer, you must check out these JRPG games. You might end up enjoying it.   


  1. Chrono Trigger   
Chrono Trigger 

A legendary game developed by Square Enix is none other than Chrono Trigger. This RPG has 16-bit graphics and superb storytelling. It is important to note that there is an update on the sounds and visuals of the game for Android users.   

However, if you’re a hardcore fan, you might not enjoy the game due to the lack of SNES ROM. Chrono Trigger is a standalone game that has touch controls. It can support Bluetooth, and the offline availability of the game makes it a companion-worth flight ride.   

So, if you haven’t tried this optimized mobile game, give it your money and time. The game has adventure and mystery. So, the experience is worthy of storytelling you don’t want to miss. Check out the mysteries and share them with your friends.   

  1. Dragon Quest VIII   
Dragon Quest VIII   

 The Dragon Quest series includes many games, out of which a popular game is Dragon Quest VIII. Within this game, the player takes the role of a hero as a Trodain guard. Besides, there is an evil jester called Dhoulmagus who has evil dreams and curses the castle.   

Due to the curse, the king turned to a troll, whereas the princess turned into a horse. Besides, other people turned into plants. So, the hero in the game embarks on to reclaim a scepter.   

It’s important to highlight that the game is pretty big with a 1.4 GB capacity. So, if you plan to explore this game, make sure to make some space on your smartphone.   


  1. Eternium   

Eternium is the prominent one among all RPGs, which makes touch controls smooth. Hence the playing experience is quite fantastic. So, even with the mobile experiences, the game doesn’t lose its essence.   

Within this game, you have a team with a mission to save the world. Herein, you prevent Ragadam from destroying the peace of your world. So, you have to stop taking over and fight demons, skeletons. Besides, it offers spell casting, which is cool in the game.   

Indulge in the game of crafts and spell, and share your experiences with your friends over coffee. You might like the whole magical experience with the spells.   

  1. Dungeon Hunter 5   
Dungeon Hunter 5   

If you prioritize deep RPGs, then Dungeon Hunter is the game for you. The game offers three modes: story mode, co-op mode, and online mode. Besides, it allows you to team up with three friends and share the experience.   

So, within the Dungeon Hunter 5, you can level up the game while slashing through the dungeons. Besides, this huge game helps you unlock armor, weapons, and upgrades for weapons.   

You can also make your customized dungeon, build traps, and defeat those who attack your treasure. So, dive in and enjoy the game while making sure you have enough data.

  1. Wayward Souls   
Wayward Souls 

Wayward Souls is a fantastic and super special game for players who enjoy rogue-like elements. The interesting part of the game is randomization. Yes, all levels, be it enemy placement or loot, is random while death is inevitable.   

It is a real-time game where you need to reach the exit at all levels of the game. If luck is on your side, it will feel super easy and fun for you to pass the boredom. However, it’s important to highlight that the game is a little difficult, but that’s what makes it worth a challenge.   

Get into the game and experience it and see if you enjoy it. Besides, its control is great and made for challenging people.   


  1. Adventure Quest 3D   
Adventure Quest 3D 

Adventure Quest is a 2016 game, but you need not worry. The response from the community made its developer upgrade the game in 2021. It is available on android and Mac. Besides, the game is an MMO RPG.   

Herein, the players enjoy numerous weapons and unlock endless armors. You also need to take down your enemies and bosses within the game. However, it is noteworthy that the game’s graphics are outdated and goofy.   

However, it won’t affect your gaming as a player and helps develop the adventurous atmosphere within the game. In the beginning, you have four classes like Rogue, Warrior, but you can unlock more as you proceed in the game.   


  1. Vampire: The Masquerade, Night Road   

Night Road is an RPG game, but the most important highlight is that it is a text-based game. So, if you enjoy vampire kind things, you will love this game too. Besides, the game has nearly 650000 words, yes, very huge.   

So, with this capacity of words, you need to pick a character from a clan. Once you finalize that, you can create a backstory for your character. 

Within this game, you are a courier, serving the higher-ups during the night. Besides, you have to face vampire hunters and deal with other problems to win.   

  1. Genshin Impact  
Genshin Impact  

The latest game in the Impact series is Genshin Impact. Herein you battle in the dungeons. This RPG game is action-based with a party system and combat. So, to have the best result in the battle, players can switch characters.   

The game offers a huge world for players to explore while finding resources to slay the monsters. However, the developers have monetized the game to spend on weapons and characters. Even so, this RPG is a game worth trying.   

With all the monster-slaying in the dungeons, it can cheer you up on a low day. Dive into the game and experience it yourself.   

  1. Titan Quest  

Action-based games aren’t as popular in mobile gaming, but there is a classic that you can’t miss out on; Titan Quest. The interesting factor is that the game is into mythologies and looks epic. Besides, the port for android is great, so you don’t need to worry about it.  

In this game, you need to prepare a hero to fight against Titans and save the world. Besides, the game’s story is addicting, and loot makes you feel like playing on and on. So, if you love loot games and classic touch in a game, this is worth trying.   

  1. AnimA  

AnimA is a classic action-based RPGs with a dark atmosphere. If you love foreboding games, you will enjoy the game. It has many enemies for you to slash and enjoy the looting.   

Besides, this game has microtransactions and is free for users. You can also note that the monetization in the game isn’t bad, so you enjoy the game without any worry. Give this game a try to experience a dark atmosphere game and action together.   

Summing Up  

We hope that the above list excites you to play the RPGs. It is important to highlight that RPGs are a game genre with the best following. If you wonder why it must be clear, that’s because of the storytelling abilities of these games.   

No matter where you look, people are always looking for a world to explore themselves into. Whether it is movies, books, or games, they give you the luxury of being in a fantasy world for a while and escape any stressful situation to tackle when you feel ready.   

RPGs let you craft stories, characters, weapons, and action, altogether. So, even while commuting or being in a boring meeting, you can enjoy it a little. Just take some time out of busy schedules and immerse yourself in a new world.   

Besides, the best part of the games mentioned above is that they are available on your smartphones. So, you don’t need to wait to play till you get home. Hence, dive on and share your experiences with us.   

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