How To Get Encounter Points in Genshin Impact

How To Get Encounter Points in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s world, Teyvat, is full of mysteries, adventures, and now, Encounter Points. This new system offers players a fresh way to earn rewards, almost like a side quest to your usual questing and exploration. Ready to start gathering Encounter Points? Let’s get into it, but remember, you’ve got to be at least Adventure Rank 35 or have wrapped up the “Conquest Chapter 2” to dive in.

How to Earn Encounter Points

Exploration Activities

Teyvat is a treasure trove of chests, and every time you pop one open, you get a neat 0.5 Encounter Points. But that’s not all. The world’s also littered with special items like Oculus, Crimson Agates, Lumispar, and Plumes of Purifying Light. Grabbing any of these also bags you 0.5 points, sweetening your exploration efforts.

Quests and Events

The heart of Genshin Impact lies in its quests. Whether it’s the grand Archon quests, casual Hangout quests, or the more straightforward World quests, they all pitch in to your Encounter Points pot, with some offering more points than others. Events are also a great way to rack up points, with each reward netting you another 0.5 points. Fun fact: Unlocking eight chests in a day equals completing four daily commissions.

Validity and Use of Encounter Points

Remember, Encounter Points are like Cinderella’s carriage – they turn back to pumpkin at midnight, or more accurately, they reset at server reset every day. Unused points don’t roll over; they just disappear. But here’s the kicker: this system gives you the freedom to earn rewards your way, exploring or questing without being tied down to daily commissions. Just keep an eye on the cap for how many points you can earn alongside Daily Commissions.

Activities Granting Encounter Points Detailed

Diving into quests or collecting those shiny special items across Teyvat doesn’t just fill your adventure diary; it fills up your Encounter Points balance. Every quest, every special item found, and every chest unlocked adds to your total, encouraging you to engage more deeply with the world of Teyvat.

Why Encounter Points Matter

Encounter Points aren’t just another thing to collect. They’re a thoughtful addition designed to make your journey through Teyvat even more rewarding. Instead of relying solely on daily commissions for progress, Encounter Points offer a flexible, rewarding way to explore and interact with the world. It’s all about giving players more choices and chances to experience the game in their unique way.

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