How To Get Encounter Points in Genshin Impact

How To Get Encounter Points in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, a captivating open-world role-playing game, introduced a new feature that has piqued the interest of many: the Encounter Points system. At its core, these are points you earn as you delve into the world of Teyvat, partaking in various activities from quest completion to item collection.

Interestingly, these points serve as a viable alternative to the conventional daily commissions. Before you jump into the fray to start accumulating these points, there’s a small catch; you need to be at least Adventure Rank 35 or have finished the “Conquest Chapter 2” in your journey.

How to Earn Encounter Points

Exploration Activities

During your travels in the vast lands of Teyvat, you’ll come across a plethora of chests. No matter the rarity of these chests, every time you unlock one, you’re rewarded with a steady 0.5 Encounter Points. Additionally, the world is dotted with special items such as Oculus, Crimson Agates, Lumispar, and Plumes of Purifying Light. Each time you collect one, you’re credited with 0.5 points, adding to your daily tally.

Quests and Events

Quests are an integral part of Genshin Impact. Depending on their nature, they offer varied points. For instance, the Archon and Story Quests, along with Hangout Quests, tend to reward more generously compared to World Quests. On the event front, every reward you clinch grants you a neat 0.5 points.

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A fun fact for the number crunchers: if you’ve opened eight chests in your adventures today, it’s analogous to having completed four daily commissions. Now, that’s efficiency!

Validity and Use of Encounter Points

Every gamer knows the value of time, and in Genshin Impact, time matters when it comes to Encounter Points. Any point you earn today won’t carry over to the next, as they are valid only for the day they’re earned. If left unused, they vanish during the next server reset. But on the bright side, this system breathes flexibility into the gameplay.

With Encounter Points in your arsenal, you have the liberty to choose your focus, be it exploration or questing, without being tethered to daily commissions. Do note, though, there’s a cap on how many points you can earn in tandem with Daily Commissions.

Activities Granting Encounter Points Detailed

Dive into Archon, Story, or World Quests, and you’ll find yourself richer in Encounter Points. Each quest type holds its unique charm and rewards, beckoning Travelers to explore further.

Be it the mystic Crimson Agates or the shimmering Lumenspar, collecting these special items not only enriches your inventory but also boosts your Encounter Points. So, the next time you see one, don’t hesitate to add it to your collection.

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While it’s tempting to pass by the numerous chests or skip an ongoing event, remember each interaction brings you closer to maxing out your daily Encounter Points. It’s a call to engage more actively in the world of Teyvat.

The Objective Behind the Encounter Points System

The idea of Encounter Points isn’t just a random addition. It’s a well-thought-out feature aiming to elevate the player’s experience, making exploration not just a task but a rewarding endeavor. Gone are the days when daily commissions were the only way to progress; with Encounter Points, every Traveler has a choice and a chance to craft their unique adventure.

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