How to Suspend Quests in Genshin Impact

How to Suspend Quests in Genshin Impact

In the expansive world of Genshin Impact, players often juggle multiple quests at once. With the recent 4.1 update, the game introduced an innovative feature that enables players to suspend quests, a solution to previously faced challenges. This guide delves into this new feature, explaining its significance and how to use it efficiently.

II. Background
For long-time players of Genshin Impact, there’s a familiar struggle: being pulled into multiple quests due to overlapping characters and unintentionally triggered missions. This often disrupted a player’s chosen path, forcing them into a linear gameplay style. But with the 4.1 update, there’s newfound freedom in choosing your adventure.

The Need for Quest Suspension

The suspension feature comes as a boon for players. Imagine diving deep into an engrossing storyline and suddenly being pulled into another quest unintentionally. With the quest suspension, players can streamline their gameplay, focus on quests that resonate with their interests, and manage their progression strategically.

This feature is especially beneficial when players come across named NPCs who play roles in different quests. Instead of being forced down a particular path, players can now dictate their journey.

How the Suspension Feature Works

Engaging with the quest suspension is straightforward. When a player interacts with a character entangled in more than one quest, a screen notification emerges. This alert provides players with a crucial choice: to either pause the conflicting quest or carry on with it. By selecting to suspend, players ensure their ongoing quest remains uninterrupted, paving the way for a smoother gameplay experience.

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Suspending a quest doesn’t mean it’s gone forever; it merely means putting it on hold. This flexibility is game-changing, literally. It allows players to navigate through the world of Genshin Impact without the constant tug of overlapping quests.

Those random quests, which once auto-triggered based on player proximity, can now be set aside for a later time, allowing players to stay immersed in their chosen storylines.

For now, this feature is exclusively available for the quests that came with the 4.1 update. But there’s promising news on the horizon. The game developers are actively contemplating introducing this suspension feature for older quests in subsequent updates. This indicates a potential shift towards a more player-centric approach in future game developments.

With the quest suspension feature, Genshin Impact continues to evolve, ensuring players have an even more tailored and immersive gaming experience. As you venture into Teyvat, remember this guide and navigate your quests with newfound freedom and strategy. Happy gaming!

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