How to Suspend Quests in Genshin Impact

How to Suspend Quests in Genshin Impact

Navigating Genshin Impact’s massive world, it’s easy to find yourself knee-deep in quests. The game’s 4.1 update threw players a curveball with a feature to suspend quests, tweaking the way adventurers can tackle their to-do list. This guide unpacks this feature, making it clear why it’s a game-changer and how to make it work for you.

If you’ve been around Teyvat for a bit, you know the drill: You’re on a quest, minding your business, and bam—you’re sucked into another quest because you bumped into an NPC with a backstory. Pre-update, this meant your game plan took a backseat. Now, with the quest suspension feature, you’re back in the driver’s seat, choosing which quests to tackle and when.

Why Suspend a Quest?

Here’s the thing: Quests are great until they’re not. When you’re invested in a storyline and a wild, unrelated quest appears, it can throw off your game. Enter the suspension feature. It’s like a pause button, giving you the freedom to say, “Not now,” keeping your gameplay on track without losing sight of the bigger picture. This is particularly handy when you’re dealing with NPCs who wear many hats in different quests.

How the Suspension Feature Works

The process is a breeze. Say you’re about to start a quest, and the game senses another quest could clash with it. You’ll get a heads-up asking if you want to pause the conflicting quest. Hit suspend, and you’re all set—the quest waits while you explore elsewhere.

What’s cool is, suspending a quest isn’t saying goodbye. It’s more, “See you later.” This lets you explore Teyvat on your terms, without missing out on anything the game has to offer.

For now, this shiny new feature is just for quests introduced in the 4.1 update. But here’s the kicker: The devs are thinking about rolling this out for older quests in future updates. This could mean a whole new way to play Genshin Impact, making it even more personalized to how you want to experience the game.

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