Age of Empires 2 Build Order

Age of Empires 2 Build Order

In the realm of Age of Empires 2, the build order you choose can make or break your game. At its core, a build order is a systematic sequence of tasks, dictating which units to produce, when to produce them, and how to allocate resources optimally.

Every AoE2 player, rookie or veteran, needs to grasp this concept, especially considering the game’s four essential resources: Food, Wood, Gold, and Stone. As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll quickly realize that the civilization you opt for also plays a pivotal role in shaping your build order. Some civilizations might offer bonuses for certain resources or units, adjusting the dynamics of the standard build order.

Build Order AOE 2

  1. 2 Houses + 6 on Sheep
  2. Lumber Camp + 3 on Wood
  3. 1 Lures Boar + 1 More on Boar
  4. 2 Houses + Mill + 2 on Berries
  5. 1 Lures Boar
  6. 1 on Berries
  7. 1 on Sheep
  8. Lumber Camp + 4 on Wood
  9. Research Loom
  10. Research 21 Pop Feudal Age
  11. 3 Sheep 3 Wood
  12. Barracks
  13. Feudal Age
  14. Research Double-ait Axe + Horse Collar
  15. Stable + 8 on Farms
  16. Blacksmith + 5 on Gold
  17. Research Wheelbarrow
  18. Research Castle Age
  19. Research Double Axe + Horse Collar
  20. Stable + 8 on Farms
  21. Blacksmith + 5 on Gold
  22. Research Wheelbarrow
  23. Research Castle Age
  24. Research Bloodlines + Scale Barding Armor
  25. Research Gold Mining
  26. 2 Farm 2 Gold
  27. Stable

There is a lot of different build order that you can do in Build Order Age of Empires 2. This one that we showed is generic. If you are a more advanced player and you are looking for specific build order then you should definitely check out and

Essential Tips for a Fast Build Order

While the map of Age of Empires 2 sprawls in front of you, one golden rule remains – the need to scout early. Gaining a clear understanding of your surroundings, and more importantly, where your enemy lies, is paramount.

Additionally, a proactive Town Center (TC) sets the pace of the game. This means ensuring your TC is always producing villagers or advancing to the next age without long periods of inactivity. Furthermore, achieving equilibrium between nurturing your economy and assembling a formidable army is a subtle art that many players spend countless hours perfecting.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

In the intricate dance of Age of Empires 2, missteps can be costly. Often, players either focus too intently on their military, leaving their economy frail, or vice versa. Another pitfall is the lack of unit diversity.

Banking solely on one type of unit can render you vulnerable to an opponent with a balanced army. Also, while it may sound rudimentary, the value of constant scouting cannot be overstated. Ignorance of enemy movements or map resources can lead to missed opportunities or sudden, unanticipated assaults.

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