Age Of Empires 2 How to get More Population

Age Of Empires 2 How to get More Population

In the realm of Age of Empires II, the foundation of any powerful empire is its population. Boosting your population count in Age Of Empires 2 not only ensures victory but also fortifies your strategic position. This guide offers a comprehensive approach to increasing your population in Age of Empires II effectively.

Civilization-Specific Population Advantages:

Not every civilization in Age of Empires II is created equal, especially when it comes to population advantages. For instance, the Goths hold a unique edge by being able to add an extra +10 to their population count once they progress to the Imperial Age.

In contrast, the Huns have the rare privilege of beginning their game at the maximum population limit, eliminating the need for building houses in the initial stages. The Portuguese civilization stands out with its unique Feitoria building.

However, it’s crucial to note that this structure occupies 20 of your population slots, a factor that might influence its placement in your strategy.

Building Structures to Increase Population in AOE 2

Boosting your population means constructing specific buildings that extend your population room. Here’s a handy breakdown:

Universal Buildings Providing Population

For most civilizations, houses are the foundational building blocks for population growth, offering a room for 5. An exception lies with the Incas who benefit from houses providing room for 10. Town Centers, too, add space for 5, but the Chinese get an edge with a 10-population room. Castles, a significant stronghold, provide a whopping 20-population room universally.

Civilization-Specific Additional Population

Digging deeper, certain civilizations have distinct benefits. If you’re playing as the Slavs or their allies, structures like Barracks, Archery Ranges, Stables, and Siege Workshops each offer an additional 5-population room.

Similarly, the Dravidians and their allies get a boost from Docks, providing the same benefit. Unique to certain civilizations are the Krepost, available only for Bulgarians, which provides room for 20, and the Folwark for the Poles, which adds a 5-population room.

Population Room and Its Relation to Building Destruction:

One can’t ignore the potential risks. If a building contributing to your population room is taken down by adversaries, that room is lost. A rare exception is the Mongols; even if their houses are destroyed post the Nomads research, they retain the added population room.

Understanding the Population Cap in Different Editions:

The variation in population caps across different editions of the game is the first step in mastering your population strategy. In the primary version of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, players can achieve a population cap of 200. This cap sees a significant increase in “The Forgotten” expansion, allowing players to reach up to 500.

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