Age of Empires 2 Taunts List and How to Use Them

Age of Empires 2 How to Use Taunts

Taunts, in the realm of Age of Empires 2 (AoE2), are short, pre-recorded audio clips or text messages designed to communicate with players. They’re not just decorative or for laughs, though many are humorous in nature.

Instead, taunts can serve a functional role. They allow quick communication, especially in multiplayer matches where typing a message might take precious seconds. Whether you’re signaling an ally for resources, warning about an incoming enemy raid, or merely jesting with an opponent, taunts are there to facilitate that interaction.

While some players use taunts for their humor or to jest, there’s a strategic depth to them. For instance, using a specific taunt can be a shorthand to request resources from an ally or to signal a coordinated attack. Given the real-time nature of AoE2, wasting time on typing long messages isn’t always feasible. Taunts fill this gap, allowing for strategic communication in split seconds.

How to Use Taunts in Game

Activating a taunt is a relatively straightforward process in AoE2. For the majority, you simply need to press the ‘Enter’ key, type the number associated with the desired taunt, and press ‘Enter’ again. The game will play the audio clip or display the text message linked with that particular taunt number. It’s a swift means to communicate, especially in the heat of battle.

Age of Empires 2 (AoE2) Taunt Lists

While there’s a comprehensive list of taunts available in AoE2, some are more commonly used than others. Remember, each number corresponds to a specific message or voice clip, so familiarizing oneself with the most crucial ones can be beneficial

Age of Empires 2 (AoE2) Taunt Lists

Number For TauntVoice Line
3Food please.
4Wood please.
5Gold please.
6Stone please.
8All hail, king of the losers!
10I’ll beat you back to Age of Empires.
11(Herb laugh)
12Ah! being rushed.
13Sure, blame it on your ISP.
14Start the game already!
15Don’t point that thing at me!
16Enemy sighted!
17It is good to be the king.
18Monk! I need a monk!
19Long time, no siege.
20My granny could scrap better than that.
21Nice town, I’ll take it.
22Quit touching me!
23Raiding party!
25Eh, smite me.
26The wonder, the wonder, the… no!
27You played two hours to die like this?
28Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.
31Attack an enemy now.
32Cease creating extra villagers.
33Create extra villagers.
34Build a navy.
35Stop building a navy.
36Wait for my signal to attack.
37Build a wonder.
38Give me your extra resources.
39(Ally sound)
40(Neutral sound)
41(Enemy sound)
42What age are you in?
43What is your strategy?
44How many resources do you have?
45Retreat now!
46Flare the location of your army.
47Attack in direction of the flared location.
48I’m being attacked, please help!
49Build a forward base at the flared location.
50Build a fortification at the flared location.
51Keep your army close to mine and fight with me.
52Build a market at the flared location.
53Rebuild your base at the flared location.
54Build a wall between the two flared locations.
55Build a wall around your town.
56Train units which counter the enemy’s army.
57Stop training counter units.
58Prepare to send me all your resources so I can vanquish our foes!
59Stop sending me extra resources.
60Prepare to train a large army, I will send you as many resources as I can
61Attack player 1! (Blue)
62Attack player 2! (Red)
63Attack player 3! (Green)
64Attack player 4! (Yellow)
65Attack player 5! (Cyan)
66Attack player 6! (Purple)
67Attack player 7! (Gray)
68Attack player 8! (Orange)
69Delete the object on the flared location.
70Delete your excess villagers.
71Delete excess warships.
72Focus on training infantry units.
73Focus on training cavalry units.
74Focus on training ranged units.
75Focus on training warships.
76Attack the enemy with Militia.
77Attack the enemy with Archers.
78Attack the enemy with Skirmishers.
79Attack the enemy with a mix of Archers and Skirmishers.
80Attack the enemy with Scout Cavalry.
81Attack the enemy with Men-at-Arms.
82Attack the enemy with Eagle Scouts.
83Attack the enemy with Towers.
84Attack the enemy with Crossbowmen.
85Attack the enemy with Cavalry Archers.
86Attack the enemy with Unique Units.
87Attack the enemy with Knights.
88Attack the enemy with Battle Elephants.
89Attack the enemy with Scorpions.
90Attack the enemy with Monks.
91Attack the enemy with Monks and Mangonels.
92Attack the enemy with Eagle Warriors.
93Attack the enemy with Halberdiers and Rams.
94Attack the enemy with Elite Eagle Warriors.
95Attack the enemy with Arbalests.
96Attack the enemy with Champions.
97Attack the enemy with Galleys.
98Attack the enemy with Fire Galleys.
99Attack the enemy with Demolition Rafts.
100Attack the enemy with War Galleys.
101Attack the enemy with Fire Ships.
102Attack the enemy with Unique Warships.
103Use an Onager to cut down trees at the flared location.
104Don’t resign!
105You can resign again.

History of Taunts in Age of Empires:

Age of Empires games, with their deep-rooted history, have always encouraged interaction among its player base. Taunts became an integral part of this tradition. From their modest origins in the first Age of Empires game, they’ve evolved in AoE2. The newer editions not only expanded the list of taunts but also refined their clarity and utility.

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