Age Of Empires 2 Murder Holes Guide

Age Of Empires 2 Murder Holes Guide

The ability to defend your structures effectively is pivotal in Age of Empires II, a game known for its intricate strategies and diversified tech trees. Among these technologies is the “Murder Holes.” This guide offers an in-depth exploration of this technology, its strategic importance, costs, and the unique benefits it brings to different civilizations.

Basic Features of Murder Holes in AoE2

Research Location Murder Holes technology can be delved into at the University. As players advance through the game, knowing where to unlock specific upgrades can be crucial, and for Murder Holes, the University serves as this hub.

Costs and Research Time Investing in Murder Holes requires careful resource management. Players need to set aside 200 units of food and 100 units of stone. Time is equally precious in Age of Empires II, so take note: the research time for this technology clocks in at 35 seconds.

Strategic Importance and Application

While the allure of removing minimum range restrictions from defensive structures sounds promising, its utility can be situational. Notably, it doesn’t enhance defenses against threats like Trebuchets and Bombard Cannons. However, when a tower or Castle is being barraged by melee units such as Paladins or Champions with the Arson upgrade, Murder Holes stands out. By preventing these units from chipping away at your buildings, you fortify your stronghold.

On the other hand, some strategic players might forgo Murder Holes, choosing instead to deploy military units to fend off enemy rams, preserving that valuable stone resource.

Despite its theoretical advantages in AoE2, the on-ground application of Murder Holes can be a double-edged sword. Given its substantial cost, some players, especially those at higher levels, might find other defensive strategies more economically sound.

If melee units (excluding rams) are attacking your Castle, it’s typically an indicator of a broader issue. In this context, while Murder Holes can be beneficial on open maps with scattered Castles used for territorial control, saving stone for another Castle or additional towers often takes precedence.

Should you Research Murder Holes in AoE2

The decision to invest in Murder Holes in AoE2 isn’t taken lightly. It largely hinges on predicting enemy combat strategies. If you foresee the enemy engaging under your Castle defenses, Murder Holes could prove invaluable. Especially if you’re expanding your influence with multiple Castles for territorial control.

When pitted against AI opponents, Murder Holes gains heightened importance. AI-controlled players tend to be aggressive, attacking Castles predominantly with melee units. In such scenarios, the benefits of this technology shine through.

Civilization-Specific Benefits

Each civilization in Age of Empires II brings a unique twist to the AoE2 Murder Holes technology:

  • Chinese Civilization: The Chinese can research Murder Holes at a discounted rate – 10% less in the Castle Age and 15% less in the Imperial Age.
  • Italians Civilization: The Italians have a significant advantage with a 33% cost reduction when delving into Murder Holes.
  • Spanish Civilization: As the Spanish, not only can you research Murder Holes, but doing so adds an extra +20 gold to your coffers.
  • Teutons Civilization: Teutons stand out with Murder Holes available for free, ensuring they save on the stone costs entirely.

Through this guide, players can now navigate the intricacies of Murder Holes with more confidence, leveraging its benefits based on the battlefield’s ever-evolving dynamics. Whether you’re defending against a wave of AI-controlled Paladins or weighing the stone cost against other pressing needs, Murder Holes remains a strategically intriguing facet of Age of Empires II.

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