Ark Survival Evolved Best Weapons 2024

Ark Survival Evolved Best Weapons

Ark Survival: Evolved is a multiplayer, survival game with an open world. Like in Rust, you spawn naked for some reason and are equipped with pretty much nothing. You need to find yourself some shelter or deal with all shapes and sizes of dinosaurs, some of them are herbivores but there are also carnivores – I’ll leave it to your imagination which one is friendly and which one is not. Get tools, build, tame dinos, survive and create communities. That’s pretty much the game when it comes to weapons…

There are a lot of cool weapons that you should know about. They deal different types of damage and the point of this article is to explain Ark Survival Evolved Best Weapons, how they operate, and why you should use them. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first weapon!


This is a melee weapon. It makes terrifying sounds and requires gasoline to use. There’s not much philosophy behind this weapon, really. You walk up to a tree and cut it down within 2 seconds or you just slaughter a dinosaur before it can even react to you. Keep in mind that this is a melee weapon and it can get boring pretty quickly due to its obnoxious sounds.


A slingshot. Will this stop a 10-ton beast? Funnily enough, it will. The way it works is that it applies a torpidity effect on a target, which can knock out the target and make it unconscious. 

This is the sinister part – you can pretty much loot the unconscious player, if you’re weird you can also spike him with drugs and the most merciful thing to do to an unconscious player is to simply kill him. With a rock or something. This game is sick but hey, it’s a cool weapon with a fun mechanic!


With what kind of a bow can you shoot arrows made out of stone? I don’t know but everything is possible in this game. When it comes to stone arrows, they deal the highest amount of damage, while tranquilizer arrows deal an average amount of damage but can render the target unconscious. A pretty good ranged weapon that will keep you safe from the dangers of melee combat!

Simple Pistol

This is obviously a far more advanced weapon than a bow, as it has a far better rate of fire and can unload 6 bullets per reload. It can deal with multiple creatures more effectively and hey, it makes you look like Arthur Morgan at the same time. It can be useful against some weakly-armored players, although, in later stages of the game, this gun might not perform too well.


If you like to annihilate things close-quarters style, then this weapon is for you. It’s quite obvious that a weapon of this type is not gonna be good for medium to long ranges. It’s a shotgun, which means that the spread of fire is rather massive and it can hit multiple targets at once. Gotta say this weapon is amazing for protecting your property from hostile players and executing a Carbonemys!

Ark Survival Evolved Best Weapons

Fabricated Pistol

A far better version of the simple pistol. It has an improved magazine clip that holds more bullets and uses relatively cheap-to-make ammunition. Some players might argue that this weapon has a low damage output, and while that is true, this weapon’s quick reload speed and an infinite amount of ammo makes it also one of the deadliest. It also looks cool, duh!

Pump-Action Shotgun

A better and cooler-looking version of the Shotgun. It deals slightly more damage and has 4 more pellets than the previous shotty. The fire spread is a bit tighter this time and it can also perform well not only on short ranges but in the medium as well. Again, a good choice for protecting your beloved household from bandits and executing herbivore dinosaurs, cuz why the hell not!

Assault Rifle

This rifle can hold 40 bullets in a magazine and can surprise you with its incredible rate of fire, which is 10 rounds per second. This weapon deals the same amount of damage as the Fabricated Pistol, which is around 50 points damage. The plentiful magazine clip can help you easily deal with multiple foes at once, the weapon doesn’t seem to perform badly on any range and it’s also decent for house defense. Worth getting!

Tek Bow

An awesome-looking bow that can make quick work of any human or creature if necessary. There are 4 types of arrows for this bow:

  • Metal Arrow – Standard arrows for this sort of bow
  • Flame Arrow – Sets stuff on fire, particularly useful against armored troops
  • Tranquilizer Arrow – The struck target will fall unconscious, vulnerable to other players&animals
  • Explosive Arrow – Pretty self-explanatory, the arrow is tipped with explosives, and they detonate upon hitting an object. 

You’ll be able to shoot out 2 arrows in around a second, as well as shoot this bow under the water, making this one of the best weapons for killing aquatic creatures. 

Ark Survival Evolved

Tek Railgun

This is more of a Sci-Fi weapon, it deals incredibly high amounts of damage and it can also hit targets from afar away. These sorts of weapons don’t need to be reloaded but they can be overheated if you shoot them one too many times. Additionally, the weapon also has a built-in scope that allows you to acquire targets, as well as switch to an x-ray if it’s necessary. Finally, the weapon has a ridiculous penetration power that can help you with assassinating people behind fortified walls. An awesome weapon!


These are so far some of the best weapons I can think of in Ark Survival: Evolved. All of them have their pros and cons, although some weapons are so OP that they will definitely need a NERF in the near future. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and thank you!

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