Best Hargs in Summoners War Chronicles

Best Hargs in Summoners War Chronicles

Welcome to our in-depth guide on the best Hargs in Summoners War Chronicles, an exciting strategy mobile game that continues to captivate players worldwide. Today, we focus on the Hargs, versatile monsters that can be both strong attackers and reliable supporters.

In this article, we’ll present the top three Hargs out of the five elements available and provide suggestions on how to build them effectively. Keep in mind that this is just a guide, and each player’s preferences and play styles might differ.

Top 3 Hargs in Summoners War Chronicles

Dark Harg – Kroa

In our opinion, Dark Harg, also known as Kroa, is the best Harg for a majority of Summoners War Chronicles players. Kroa’s abilities, such as attack speed up, precision up, and crit rate up, make it a formidable monster on the battlefield. When you have Kroa on your team, you can focus on other sub-stats, like crit damage and attack, instead of worrying about maximizing crit rate.

Kroa’s second skill comes with crit damage taken up and a root ability, making it viable for both PvP and PvE content. If you’re fortunate enough to have Kroa, we recommend building it as a damage dealer. Equip attack runes in Slot 2, crit damage runes in Slot 4, and attack runes in Slot 6. You can use either Fatal Blade or Rageblade sets, but don’t forget to include some accuracy sub-stats for better performance.

Light Harg – Dova

For those who mainly play Orbia, Light Harg, or Dova, is arguably the top Harg choice. Dova’s ability to apply attack up to the ally with the highest attack makes it particularly useful for Orbia players. Additionally, Dova provides a heal-over-time effect when the target’s HP is low and can even grant the powerful Endure buff when HP is critically low.

Dova and the alternative Fire Harg, Rikuni, have a unique feature where their basic attacks heal your ally with the lowest health every time they attack. Both Hargs also reduce your summoner’s skill cooldowns and apply skill acceleration. The main difference between them lies in Rikuni’s single-target heal, whereas Dova offers attack up, Endure, and the heal-over-time effect.

For both Dova and Rikuni, we suggest building them as tanky supports with high basic attack speed and precision. Use a Swift set and a Precision set, with attack speed runes in Slot 2, and HP or defense runes in Slots 4 and 6. In the sub-stats, aim for high evasion to counter archers, and prioritize defense, precision, and attack speed.

Water Harg

Our third pick is Water Harg, also known as Remy, which shines in Sealed content but can also be effective in other PvE situations. Remy’s third skill grants a level three crit resistance up, crit damage taken down, and level three movement speed up. These buffs are essential in Sealed content, where players need to dodge AoE attacks swiftly.

Remy’s second skill applies a movement speed down and a crit rate down, making it viable for PvP, especially in Battlefield. However, Light and Fire Hargs are more versatile, as they can be used in various game modes.

For Remy, we recommend a similar build to Kroa. Use attack runes in Slot 2, crit damage runes in Slot 4, and attack runes in Slot 6. Ensure you have some accuracy sub-stats for the second skill to be effective.

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