Best Kina Build in Summoners War Chronicles

Best Kina Build in Summoners War Chronicles

Are you looking to up your game in Summoners War Chronicles by utilizing Kina, the versatile support character? Look no further! In this in-depth guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about this unique and reactive Summoner, from her elemental abilities to the best ways to build and use her in your team compositions. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to make Kina a key player in your Summoners War Chronicles journey.

Kina Support Character

As a player of Summoners War Chronicles, you’ll quickly discover that Kina is a valuable support character. She offers a wide range of skills and abilities that make her a perfect addition to any team composition. Kina’s main role is to fill in any gaps your team might have, whether that’s through healing, cleansing, or providing essential buffs. Understanding her role in your team is crucial to maximizing her potential.

Kina’s Second Skill

One important aspect of playing Kina effectively in Summoners War Chronicles is knowing the best way to use her skills. When it comes to Kina, always start with her second skill, regardless of her elemental build. This sets up a strong foundation for her subsequent skills and ensures she provides the necessary support to her team members.

Exploring Kina’s Elemental Abilities

Dark Hammer Kina

Dark Hammer Kina is perfect for players looking to maximize speed and damage. Her second skill features a reflect damage buff, while her third skill provides a team-wide heal that can reset the reflect damage buff or revive a fallen teammate. Keep in mind that her abilities are most effective when her teammates are at low health.

Light Staff Kina

Light Staff Kina excels in healing, providing single-target and team-wide heals through her abilities. Starting with her second skill, she applies a recovery buff to the entire team, followed by a single-target heal with her third skill. Light Staff Kina’s first skill can also heal the ally with the lowest health when her energy buff is above level five.

Wind Staff Kina

Wind Staff Kina is an excellent choice if your team needs a buff stripper and cleanser. Her second skill grants an accuracy buff to the team and removes harmful effects, while her third skill removes beneficial effects from enemies and applies resistance down. This combination makes it easier for your team to apply debuffs to your opponents.

Water Staff Kina

Water Staff Kina shines when your team already has an attack buff from other monsters. Her second skill provides an attack speed buff, and her third skill heals while granting crit rate up buff if the ally already has attack speed up. The first skill has the added bonus of applying frostbite with her energy.

Fire Staff Kina

Fire Staff Kina is perfect if your team requires an attack buff and reduced skill cooldowns. Her second skill grants an attack buff and decreases the skill cooldown of team monsters, while her third skill heals and can apply invincibility to allies with low health. The first skill inflicts burn damage on enemies.

Kina’s Ultimate Abilities

Kina’s ultimate abilities make her an even more valuable asset in Summoners War Chronicles. With the exception of Dark Kina, all elemental variations of Kina can remove harmful effects and heal allies. Dark Kina can revive all three teammates, Light Kina provides additional healing over time and a defense buff, Wind Kina grants immunity, and both Water and Fire Kina offer increased healing potential.

Perfect Kina Build

To create the perfect Kina build in Summoners War Chronicles, it’s important to consider the role she’ll play in your team. Her elemental variations each offer unique benefits, and choosing the right one can significantly impact her performance. In general, you should focus on her support and healing abilities, while still considering her elemental strengths.

Gearing for Success: When choosing gear for Kina, prioritize her speed, health, and accuracy. This ensures she can heal and support her teammates effectively while also landing debuffs on enemies.

Enhancing Runes: Aim to optimize her runes to enhance her supportive abilities. This can include runes that improve her healing potential, resistance, and durability.

Skill Upgrades: Prioritize upgrading her second and third skills, as they are key to her support role. As you become more experienced with Kina, you can fine-tune which skills to upgrade based on your team’s specific needs.


Kina’s versatility and wide range of supportive abilities make her an invaluable addition to any team in Summoners War Chronicles. By understanding her role, mastering her elemental abilities, and crafting the perfect build, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the game with this powerful support character.

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