Best Marauders Tips and Tricks (Beginner’s Guide)

Best Marauders Tips and Tricks (Beginner’s Guide)

Marauders has many different features that can leave some new gamers needing help with how to play. Below we have put together some tips and trips that could benefit you and get your progress going faster as you take these tips. Let’s take a look!

Getting Money in Marauders

Getting Money in Marauders

Money is essential in Marauders especially in the beginning as it can be difficult for a new player to find enough money to purchase upgrades. The rustbucket is always available in your hanger loaded with free gear in the surrounding area. This is great for the beginning of your first raids to quickly get some easy money to get you going.

You could also scrap fire extinguishers for a little extra cash. There are many small resources that can add up to your income as the beginning it can be pretty tricky to get going.

HitBoxes in Marauders

At the moment there are three hitboxes that have different levels of damage known as:

  1. Head and Neck
  2. Torso and Hands
  3. Legs and Feet

Depending on the zone you are hitting, you have different modifiers for your weapons to increase damage. With the head having an x3.5 modifier, torso x1, and legs x.75. 

Armor in Marauders

Armor in Marauders

You have armor in Maradaurs as you can also see your armor value on the top left corner of the item. For example, the chest piece will cover everything below the neck while your helmet protects your neck and head [very important]. 

There is no leg armor yet in Marauders, although they might be adding this in the future of the game as they release it from Beta. 

How to Craft Materials

If you happen to miss specific materials you can buy items from the vendor and scrap them. A right-click on the item with a preview of what you can get by scraping the item before proceeding to do so. This is most especially helpful if you are trying to craft med kits which are needed, especially if you are low on synthetic scrap. 

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Buying a vest from the vendor at the moment gives you the best amount of synthetic scraps within the market.

Emptying Guns

You can buy guns or extract guns and empty their ammo. Although emptying ammo does not work during a raid, especially when it is the 7.62 ammo. This ammo can only be acquired but not crafted. 

One of the best ships to acquire some 7.62 is the damaged capital ship guarded by commandos.

Stealing Ships in Marauders

Stealing Ships in Marauders

One of the best ways to escape a raid especially if your ship is destroyed is stealing a captain’s keycard on your wait out. Keep in mind this swaps the keycard you had previously for the new one. If you extract the ship successfully the ship will be stored in your hangar. 

Alternatively, you can capture the ship in space, kill the entire crew, and just fly the ship out of the raid. 

Checking Docking Bays in Marauders

If you want to know if a docking bay is occupied, the best way is to interact with the terminal. If there is no ship it will say “no ship at this dock”. Although if there is another player docked it will say “Warning: Wrong Airlock”.

You can still enter this airlock by finding the captain and killing him then taking his keycard. You can then check out the ship, find his stash box, or just steal the ship and be the new captain. 

Spotting Enemy Ships

All ships can be spotted by being surrounded by a yellow glow which is created by their engine. This not only applies to ships but also to drop pods. This is the only way of spotting an enemy ship so make sure to keep an eye out. 

Eliminating Drop Pods in Marauders

If you do happen to notice a drop pod, you can indeed destroy the drop pod. The best timing is to wait until after they have used their booster to attack, making them the most vulnerable. Depending on your turret caliber they are eliminated in 1 to 2 hits. 

Getting a Bigger Stash in Marauders

Getting a bigger stash you can do a couple of things. You can either learn the recipes for the storage boxes (like small and large containers) to get more stash space. Or, you can also use prestige points to expand your stash. You could also craft ships and use their storage as extra space, which sounds like the most fun option in our opinion.

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Just make sure to not enter a raid with a storage ship, otherwise, that is just horrible luck if it is destroyed or stolen.  

Ships Stash

All ships, besides the rust bucket, come with their own ship storage boxes. In order to access them simply go to your lobby menu. If you are in a game, the storage box is located at the ship’s airlock.

If your backpack is full you can simply go to your ship and fill the box. Afterward, you are welcome to go back into the raid again. Another option is you can fill up the box with fire extinguishers, and salvage them after the raid for some easy synthetic scraps. 

Status Effect “Pain” in Marauders

Every time you are damaged you will have a white bar filling up your health meter. Unfortunately, you cannot heal the white space unless you have special items to get rid of this. The best remedies would be methamphetamine, morphine, and other special health items. 

Repairs in Marauders

Keeping an eye on your items and the durability of your gear is extremely important while playing Marauders. Especially SMGs which lose their durability extremely fast. If you don’t pay attention, they can break in mid-raid which is really frustrating. 

For now, the only way to repair equipment is in the lobby. Just right-click the item you want to repair. You will see the actual cost for the repair job right above the “Scrap Potential Items” location. 

Wrapping Up

We hope this was useful, especially for those learning the ropes of Marauders and everything you need to know to become a better Marauder throughout the game. These are just a few of the many tips and tricks in the game as it is being released with more and more content during the Beta.

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