Best Melee Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

Best Melee Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

In the realm of Cyberpunk 2077, players encounter a spectrum of melee weapons, each endowed with distinct attributes and abilities. This guide delves into the specifics of some of the most formidable melee weapons available in the game, examining their unique characteristics and how to acquire them.

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

Overview and Acquiring Method: Venture into the world of the Second Conflict side quest in Cyberpunk 2077, and you’ll come across one of the most coveted melee weapons – the Gold-Plated Baseball Bat. A hunt around Denny’s pool will reward you with this weapon.

Physical Characteristics: Dripping in opulence, the Gold-Plated Baseball Bat sports a shimmering gold exterior, making it stand out in any battle.

Weapon Attributes: What’s worth noting about this bat is not just its opulence but also its performance. It exhibits a swing speed that rivals even the swiftest katanas. When diving into the numbers, its raw DPS is nothing short of remarkable. With a fully charged swing, be prepared to deal a hefty 432 damage, and its frequency? A staggering 5 Attacks Per Second (APS).

Special Effects and Customization: But, its might doesn’t stop there. With the Gold-Plated Baseball Bat, enemies will often find themselves bleeding, all thanks to the high infliction chance. While its stun effect might not be the highest, its multiple rapid swings make it a formidable choice against tougher foes like cyberpsychos and bosses. For those looking to enhance its prowess, the single mod slot offers ample opportunity for customization.


Overview and Acquiring Method: Introduced in the 1.6 Patch, the Cut-o-Matic isn’t just any melee weapon. Available for purchase from any Melee Weapon Vendor, it’s a weapon that fuses the lethal features of both a machete and a chainsaw.

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Physical Characteristics: Its design alone speaks volumes. Imagine the sleekness of a machete combined with the raw power of a chainsaw. That’s the Cut-o-Matic for you.

Weapon Attributes and Special Effects: Though it might not have the peak damage output compared to others on this list, its unique style sets it apart. An added advantage? Equip it, and watch adversaries tremble while bystanders flee in sheer terror. While it lacks mod slots, its base damage compensates, ensuring you’re always battle-ready.



Overview and Acquiring Method: One of the game’s earliest rewards is the Satori. Found either in Saburo Arasaka’s luxurious apartment or the high-tech AV parked atop a landing pad, this katana is a prize from ‘The Heist’ mission.

Physical Characteristics A slender blade, once belonging to the mighty Saburo Arasaka, the Satori is swift and sharp.

Weapon Attributes: Though it might deal 20% less damage than other katanas, it compensates with a whopping 500% increase in crit damage. With a damage output rated at 57 and a rapid 3.85 APS, it’s a force to be reckoned with. And for those itching for a personal touch, the single mod slot offers customization possibilities.

Customization and Usage: Its potential truly shines when players invest in crit chance upgrades, augments, and abilities. With the right setup, the Satori becomes a crit damage powerhouse, unmatched in its early-game prowess.

Blue Fang

Overview and Acquiring Method: Another gem from Patch 1.6, the Blue Fang is a versatile melee weapon up for grabs in the Badlands’ Melee Weapon Vendors.

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Physical Characteristics: Compact yet deadly, the Blue Fang might deceive with its size. But in action? It’s a weapon of chaos.

Weapon Attributes and Special Effects: Beyond its considerable damage, it boasts an array of status effects ranging from Chemical Damage to Poison, and even Headshot Damage. Its real game-changer? Its throwable nature. In stealth situations, a well-aimed Blue Fang can stun adversaries, setting the stage for a decisive victory.



Overview and Position in the Game: If the Satori is an early-game marvel, the Jinchu-Maru is its late-game counterpart, surpassing even the former’s prowess.

Physical Characteristics: This katana is a blend of tradition and cybernetics, signifying its power in the game’s landscape.

Weapon Attributes: Sporting a 260 damage rating with a rapid 5 APS, it’s a beast on the battlefield. When faced with foes boasting twice your health, it doubles its damage, ensuring swift victories. But its crown jewel? A guaranteed critical hit when paired with the Kerenzikov Cyberware Implant.

Synergy with Cyberware: The Kerenzikov mod is this weapon’s best friend. As time slows by 50% for a brief 1.5 seconds, each Jinchu-Maru strike during this window isn’t just a hit; it’s a critical one. The finale? A double damage critical strike that can potentially quadruple against heftier bosses.

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