Best Settings For PC in Marauders (Answered)

Best Settings For PC in Marauders

With much anticipation, Marauders is a space pirating game that runs and functions very similarly to other games such as Escape from Tarkov. It is visually a darker game, which is an opportunity to have some pretty extreme graphic settings. Although, what are the best PC settings in Marauders? How can it be optimized for the best gameplay? Below we will cover what we believe would be the best settings for a PC in Marauders gameplay.

Best Video Settings For PC in Marauders

Best Video Settings For PC in Marauders

Depending on the limitations on your PC will depend on what would be the best for optimization. Although there are some basics to an understanding of this game that would improve the performance significantly. 

A few things to keep in mind for the best Video Settings would be:

  • Fullscreen Mode. For games that run like Marauders as an FPS, fullscreen is always a must option for having the best settings in Marauders. Fullscreen allows you to have the option to ALT + TAB if needing to switch through platforms and ultimately run the game’s FPS much smoother. 
  • 144 FPS or Higher. Keeping the Frame Rate Limitation low allows you to have a much broader response-ability from your PC. Although some PCs may not be able to handle above 60 FPS, giving generally more FPS ability is recommended for higher gaming performance. 
  • Medium Quality Settings. Most quality settings for graphics should always be set to medium or low with an average PC. If you have a rather new PC, this may not be as much of an issue as having a few graphics on high.
  • Low Foliage Quality. For the Foliage quality, there is not much of a need for this feature to be optimized and it will just lower the speed of the game keeping everything on Medium or High. 
  • Low Anti-Aliasing Quality. This is the second low quality that is worthy of doing. As it has less importance than shadow or texture. 
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Best Controls Settings For PC in Mauraders

Best Controls Settings For PC in Mauraders

Controls in Marauders have to do with mostly your Mouse Sensitivity. This is purely up to the gamer and how they are comfortable playing. This does not really optimize the settings of visuals but more over the experience you have and the performance you could produce. 

A few things to keep in mind for the Controls Settings would be:

  • Mouse Sensitivity at 5. Keeping sensitivity on this game at a fairly low level is ideal for precision and the best performance. 
  • Frigate Pilot Sensitivity at 8. Considering flying one of these can be a pian, having higher sensitivity will balance the experience for being easier to navigate such a large ship. 
  • Pod Pilot Sensitivity at 8. This is another aircraft that you will want to have more control over while flying, at a higher sensitivity. This allows you to dodge or quickly direct the pod to the fastest extraction exit to optimize your gaming experience. 

Wrapping Up

Finding the best settings for the PC is always a must before diving into any game that requires high FPS performance. We hope that you found this useful for optimizing your PC for the best Marauders experience. The game is full of awesome graphics and finding the right settings for you is extremely important for your performance. 

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