Best Vampire Survivor Builds

Best Vampire Survivor Builds

Vampire Survivors has no end to choices during play. Weapons, passive items, evolved weapons, characters, Arcanas, and other intricacies of the game keep it from becoming dull at any point. However, there are always some combinations that work too well together. That’s why we’ll be checking the best Vampire Survivor builds.

Before we start with Vampire Survivor builds

Vampire Survivor builds

Due to the sheer amount of random generation required for a build and the difference in playstyles between people, these Vampire Survivor builds will focus on a few key weapons. Leaving extra wiggle room for those willing to experiment and change things around. We are sticking to three evolved forms of weapons per build, with some recommended character and passive items picks.

Healing Frenzy Build

  • Bloody Tear, Soul Eater, Heaven Sword

This build focuses on always keeping topped off while dealing heavy damage to certain areas of the screen with crits.

Soul Eater is a generic and passive way of healing up, sucking out energy from each fallen enemy. With the weaker enemies, you’ll get a quick burst of healing from hordes. Pummarola, an item required to upgrade Garlic to Soul Eater, also heals passively, making this build even better. Soul Eater also gets more powerful as you heal missing health, no matter the source of healing. Lastly, it reduces knockback resistance, helping with crowd control.

Bloody Tear is the evolved form of Whip, healing you on critical strikes. This healing will help boost Soul Eater, so make sure to take some damage before procs. With the powerful strikes of Bloody Tear, we can cleave to latter enemies. The base increase of health from Hollow Heart, required for the evolution, also helps.

The last weapon of the build is Heaven Sword. The reason it’s present is mostly due to it evolving from Cross with Luck. Luck increases the chances for Bloody Tear to crit, indirectly enhancing Soul Eater. Meanwhile, Heaven Sword itself is powerful enough to keep enemies at bay and push them back.

This is not the most powerful build. It can sometimes be found lacking in the area of effect, which can get us stuck, but there will still be plenty of chances to inflict damage. Creating areas for you to pass through.

  • Recommended Characters: Krochi, Antonio, Poe
  • Recommended Passive Items: Empty Tome, Armor, Torrona’s Box
Danger Zone Build Vampire Survivor

Danger Zone Build

  • Soul Eater, Unholy Vespers, Phierragi

For a massively area-focused build in Vampire Survivor, we suggest this combination. The Soul Eater has already been covered, but Unholy Vespers offers even better utilization of this weapon. Unholy Vespers are a powerful choice of weapon with overwhelming speed and consistent damage. The most fruitful part about Unholy Vespers is that they use the knockback debuff of Soul Eater quite a bit, keeping foes away from you for a while.

At this point, we can already survive quite far into the game with little issue. The knockback and sheer amount of damage provide us with a constant area of heavy damage around us. However, it only gets better with Phierragi.

Phierragi is the weapon with the most investment out of any we can obtain in the game. To make it, we need Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow at max level, as well as Tiragisu. Once all three of these items are put together and two revolvers leveled, we will get Phierragi.

Phierragi is a huge source of damage that fires almost always, spraying enemies with lasers. While incapable of cutting through all the enemies, it still helps clear out quite a bit of the area around us. Some proper cooldown items can even get lasers to overlap.

  • Recommended Characters: Pugnala, Poe, Porta
  • Recommended Passive Items: Hollow Heart, Armor, Spinach

Magic Mayhem Build

  • Holy Wand, Thunder Loop, Hellfire

This combination is all about bombarding enemies with a constant stream of powerful attacks.

Let’s start with Holy Wand. It’s made from a basic weapon, Magic Wand, and a decent stat buff, Empty Tome. Both the basic and evolved versions instantly target nearby enemies, with the advantage of evolved form constantly firing. This means your firepower never lets up, blasting enemies as soon as they approach. It will be your workhorse weapon for the build.

The cooldown reduction from Empty Tome combines nicely with the next two weapons. Thunder Loop benefits from this especially, allowing you to constantly blast the map with lightning. The Thunder Loop will either kill enemies instantly or soften them enough for other weapons. Additionally, it requires Duplicator, which increases the number of projectiles, a trait that improves both Holy Wand and Hellfire.

Lastly, Hellfire. You’ll unlock a far superior version of the weapon by evolving Fire Wand with Spinach. Hellfire fires meteors that cut through enemies, dealing heavy damage in their wake. It will be the heavy hitter of this build, providing excellent damage that can free up space on the screen. You’ll be firing off so many powerful meteors on the unsuspecting hordes with the combination of Duplicator and Empty Tome.

  • Recommended Characters: Arca, Porta, Ramba
  • Recommended Passive Items: Tiragisu, Torrona’s Box, Crown

Fast Projectiles Build

NO FUTURE, La Borra, Thousand Edge

This Vampire Survivor build is all about fast and frequent projectiles. It will often include Holy Wand as well due to the frequency of shots and Empty Tome being great in synergizing with this build. However, we are sticking to the three weapons rule, so assume this fourth weapon is implied in the build. With that out of the way, let’s go.

Thousand Edge is the consistent source of damage and projectiles we’ll need. Its unevolved version, Knife, can be kind of underwhelming but does well to provide constant projectiles on the screen. Thousand Edge constantly sprays our knives rather fast, making them quite useful. It is evolved with Bracer, which increases the speed of projectiles. The Bracer itself goes quite well with NO FUTURE and La Borra, as these weapons benefit greatly from speed to extend their number of targets hit.

NO FUTURE is a weapon that provides both a safety net and spread-out damage. When an enemy hits you while NO FUTURE is in your inventory, you will explode for significant damage. The same thing happens when its projectiles bounce. This means even more mayhem of projectiles that will eventually overwhelm your foes. NO FUTURE also grants some survivability through its passive item, Armor.

La Borra is probably the most powerful weapon in the build, although it also has the weakest start with Santa Water. La Borra has a potent area of effect that closes in on the player as they move. Allowing for a pretty decent amount of manipulation of the map through proper positioning.

While La Borra boils the enemies, a constant stream of knives and lasers will cut them down further, leading to some outstanding damage. If enemies ever get too close, they will suffer a ton of damage from the converging damage zones, and if they hit you, they also take NO FUTURE’s damage. A perfect fit to keep yourself alive.

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