Boba Story Recipes List 2024

Boba Story Recipes List

There are a lot of things that you can craft in Boba Story, so it is important to know all the recipes and ingredients. Before you start crafting, you will have to unlock the room called Magic Den. To unlock it you will need 1500 leaves, which can be hard to get, but with time you will be able to accumulate them and start with your crafting. 

When you start crafting, you will fail a lot of time, and it will take you some time to get all the recipes. So do not be discouraged if you fail a few times, just follow the recipes down below and you are good to go.

All Boba Story Recipes

RecipesIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3
BearBearBearChocolate Syrup
BeeHoneybeeHoneybeeChocolate Syrup
ChickChickChickChocolate Syrup
CowMilk cartonChickChocolate Syrup
Dinosaur BobaDinosaurDinosaurChocolate Syrup
FlowerFlowerFlowerChocolate Syrup
FrogFrogChocolate SyrupChocolate Syrup
Frog SyrupFrogFrogIce Cube
Galaxy BobaStarChocolate SyrupPlanet
Galaxy SyrupStarIce CubePlanet
Gummy BearsBearBearBear
Heart BobaHeart Heart Chocolate Syrup
Heart SyrupHeartHeartIce Cube
HoneyHoneybee TrinketsHoneybee TrinketsHoneybee Trinkets
Ice-creamIce CubeMilk cartonChocolate Syrup
Lychee SodaSodaSodaSoda
MarshmallowsChickChickIce Cube
MoonPlanetChocolate Syrupheart
MushroomMushroomHeartChocolate Syrup
Mushroom JellyMushroomMushroomIce Cube
Oreo Crème BruleeIce CubeMilk CartonMilk Carton
Pig BobaPigPigChocolate Syrup
PineapplePineapple TrinketsPineapple TrinketsPineapple Trinkets
Pineapple BobaPineapplePineappleChocolate Syrup
Pineapple JellyPineappleIce CubePineapple
Pink Dinosaur BobaHeartChocolate SyrupDinosaur
Planet PlanetPlanetChocolate Syrup
StarStarStarChocolate Syrup
Strawberry CowSodaChocolate SyrupHoneybee
Whipped CreamMilk CartonMilk CartonMilk Carton

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