Claw Stars_ Tips And Tricks 

Claw Stars: Tips And Tricks 

You are visiting a gaming arcade. There are so many incredible games to choose from, but one game draws your attention unlike any other. The claw-machine game, of course. 

You look at the claw. You look at the colorful teddy bears, chocolates or other goodies. You think to yourself: Today, I must win one of these. You confidently try a hand at the game. Often, just as you are reaching the end, the claw drops your item. 

Inspired by the same, Claw Stars provides an interesting twist to the claw machine mechanism. In Claw Stars, there is so much to do: Rescue, Raid, Restore, Collect, Claw Riches, Upgrade, and Explore. 

If you are looking for useful tips to help you ace Claw Stars, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find all the Claw Stars tips and tricks that you are looking for. So, jump right in! 

What is Claw Stars All About? 

Get ready, folks; it is storytime! Developed by Appxplore, at the heart of Claw Stars is a wonderful story. Humans have already visited space. It’s the turn of the hamsters next! 

Many hamsters were sent to space to determine their survival abilities on a foreign planet. What happened next will astonish you. An unfortunate time warp sends them hurtling into a wormhole. In a surprise twist, the accident allows the hamsters to evolve into intelligent creatures. 

The happy hamsters return home, only to find their home and the entire galaxy in peril. The hamsters decide to rise to the occasion. They begin rescuing the trapped animals and restore the destroyed planets. 

In Claw Stars, you are invited to join their heroic mission. How cool is that? To top it off, Claw Stars is a casual multiplayer game. This means that you can compete with other players, making it more interesting. 

5 Claw Stars Tips and Tricks that You Need to Know 

Claw Stars is a game that requires strategy and finesse. If you are on a rescue mission, don’t you need to think a lot? Before you start brainstorming, here are five tips and tricks to help you along. 

  1. The Claw’s Positioning Matters

Undoubtedly, the mechanical claw is at the very centre of the game. There is a catch, though: There is a limited number of claws. Each time you use the claw, you need to ensure that you are using it wisely. 

So, what can you do about it? Simple. The claw is attached to a spaceship that you will be manoeuvring throughout the game. When you are in the Claw Zone, take a good look around the place.  

Identify the items that you really need. After that, place your ship at the exact position. Drop your claw for a dig, and you are very likely to collect the item you want. 

Remember this: You lose a claw each time you send it for a dig. And you have only 24 claws at your disposal. When you are low on quantity, go big on quality. 

  1. Understand the Different Claws

In Claw Stars, there are different claws for different purposes. For instance, if you are looking to collect a Jumbo Piggy Capsule, there is only one claw for the job: A Giant Claw. Giant Claws are the ones you fashion for yourself, from ores. 

Similarly, if you want to collect a purple capsule, you need to use a combination of claws. You first need to use the normal claws to clear out the area. After that’s done, you can use the other major claws to collect the purple capsules. 

  1. The Capsules, Orbs and Spheres 

Do not underestimate the importance of capsules, orbs and balls in Claw Stars. 

For starters, the best way to progress in the game is to collect the Blue Orbs. The Blue Orbs contain the animals that are trapped. Since you need to rescue all the animals on a planet before progressing to the next, collecting the Blue Orbs is crucial. 

What’s more: The Blue Orbs come bearing exciting goodies. If your Blue Orb doesn’t have an animal in it, it can have other things. Bomby Worms, Oxygen, Boosters, DNA and Rubies. Boosters are adorable tiny animals that can boost your performance. Oxygen is vital for Boosters and using DNA, you can create Boosters of your own! 

The Purple Capsules are always brimming with useful things, so grab every Purple Capsule you can see. Purple Capsules can have anything- Kidnap Cage, Drone, Blockade, Hacking Pod, Extra Claws and Ruby Rain. You can also find Coins Replicator and Meaty Ores. 

There are also Green Spheres. While they may not have much, they do have one thing you can’t find anywhere else: The X-Ray Card. If you stumble upon Gold Balls, grab them, as they can shower you with plenty of coins. 

  1. Always Invest Your Gold

Your gold is very important. Claw Stars is a multiplayer game. When you are not online playing the game, other players can steal your gold during a raid. 

When you have put so much effort into collecting your gold, why give it away to others? Before logging out, make sure to invest all your gold. We are not talking about mindless investment. We are talking about good investments. 

There are countless ways to spend your gold: you can restore destroyed buildings, create shelters for the rescued animals, and use the gold to pay off ransom amounts. 

You can also spend the gold on completing stamp albums. Not only are stamp albums very cool to own, but they can also yield interesting rewards in the long run. 

Time for you to think like a Hamster Investment Banker! 

  1. Show Some Love, Restore Your Habitats

The animals you rescue are entirely under your care. One great way to shower them with care is to restore their habitats on every planet you visit. Restored habitats are a great way to keep the rescued animals safe. 

The animals will love you back with even greater force. You can collect hearts at the habitats you restore! 

Summing Up

Claw Stars is a wonderful game for many reasons. Let’s face it: the hamsters are beyond adorable! A game that gives you the chance to become a cute hamster on a rescue mission is quite hard to resist. 

Claw Stars has many great features: you collect cute animals, go on exhilarating rescue missions, and carry out thrilling raids. You get adventure and entertainment; all rolled into one. 

Don’t forget, there is an entire universe to explore! 

Without any hesitation, you can add Claw Stars to your video games bucket list. You can trust us on that.

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