CoD Mobile_ Best Guns in Each Category

CoD Mobile: Best Guns in Each Category

Call of Duty is an all-time favorite for all gamers. With the mobile phone version, playing the game has become easier and more exciting. 

The new season brings with a lot of new changes, and the best ones are with guns and ammunition. Each category has some bang-on additions that will make you go crazy. 

Read on to know the CoD mobile best guns in each category. 

Gun Categories

Every FPS game divides guns and other weapons into different categories. Based on the same, there are five categories of guns in CoD.

  • Assault rifles 
  • Sniper rifles 
  • Light machine guns
  • Submachine guns
  • Shotguns

Each category is loaded with options. But some of the best ones are mentioned below. 

AK -47

The name AK-47 is enough to define the best assault rifle. This gun is used to do some solid, deep penetration damage. This makes it a perfect choice for a close-range or mid-range battle situation. 

Since there is no scope or red dot attachment with the rifle, you will be required to scavenge for the same. 

Depending on how great you are with target and accuracy, AK-47 can prove to be a perfect fit for your combat strategy. 


Locus is the best gun in the snipper category. It has been receiving praises from the users since it was introduced in the game. 

It is highly accurate and allows you to make your enemy drop dead in a single shot. However, this is contingent on the fact that your target is on the head, chest, or torso.

In order to get the best out of this gun, you need to be very good at aiming. It does not have a great damage area. This means, if you miss a shot, you are just going to alert the enemies. 


RPD is the best gun in the machine gun category. This gun is known for its ammunition power. 

If you don’t have any left, don’t worry. Enough is lying around in the game for you to reload with ease. 

One magazine carries 100 bullets. If you have great accuracy, this one gun is enough for you to take down the entire army.


Razorback is a great sub-machine gun with a lot of fun advantages. It has a good fire rate, recoil, and a decent magazine. 

It is well suited for close-range fights, where you need to go animalistic and kill everyone around you. 

You can find the ammo quite easily in the game, so you probably never run out of it.


Echo is the best shotgun in the game. The reason why it is the best is that it reloads automatically, and you get an amazing damage output. 

This gun works well in close combat situations. 


Choosing one of these guns as per your strategy can make you launch havoc on your enemies. You might feel comfortable with other alternatives. But these guns will give you the finest results and make your game count. Guns are everything in a CoD game, so make sure you pick the right one.

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