Coin Master Events

Coin Master Events

Coin Master is one of the most popular strategy games you can come across. The coin stacking game hosts many exciting events spanning different eras and genres.

This article will help you know all the details about the in-game events. So, keep reading to find out more and make the most of these events.

Coin Master: Event Listing

Tournament Milestone

Tournament Milestones enable you to earn extra prizes and rewards in the tournament. Completing the milestones scattered across all tournament stages will earn you rewards like spins, coins, pet XP, pet treats, gold cards, and more.


Many players From across the world compete against each other in multiplayer online tournaments. The main aim is to become the leading Coin Master in a group of 50 players you are divided into.

Gift Master

Gift Master increases the reward you obtain from an in-app purchase pack or spin. So, you will be winning more than usual.

Special Events

The participants of Special Events can obtain limited edition in-game resources, which are acquired at different stages of the event. The fun and exciting part is that your attacks and invasions add towards special events, even if blocked. 

Attack Madness

Each attack or raid on any fellow Viking can help you earn exciting exclusive rewards. The progress that you have made and the nearby reward are indicated by a bar. The bar line will come closer to the reward as you fulfill the requirements for winning it.

Raid Madness

Raid Madness also has a progress bar similar to attack madness which progresses as you reach closer to fulfilling the criteria required to earn the reward. There are different stages wherein you can attack the fellow Viking and earn many rewards.

Village Master

This accomplishment is completing a village in the game. Village master can help you receive rewards that cannot be accomplished by any other means and have a lot of value. These rewards, due to their high value, can be a great exchange for something that you want to barter from the other player,

Bet Blast

Bet Blast event enables you to bet resources, rewards, and in-game currency against some other players. Plus, for winning the bet, you have to complete tasks that you have betted upon, like attacking rivals, raiding friends, or completing villages.

Cards Boom

Cards Boom is a simple yet very rewarding event, as the efforts required to win a reward in this event are pretty few. Up to 50% more rewards are earned on each chest in this event than in the normal state.

So, you can earn three cards for the wooden chest, six for the golden chest, and an astonishing twelve cards for the magical cards.

Cards for Chests

Cards for Chests is a limited-time event in which chests are the trade-off for your duplicate cards. The only dilemma while trading off cards with other players is that they can have some offerings that you don’t wish to have.

You can exchange the unnecessary cards for the chest to solve this issue, which might get you spins, pet food, pet XP, and even more cards.

Gold Card Trade

Gold Card Trade assists you in procuring any particular card which you desired for a long time from another player. The card you need might help you finish collections and win the game, and Gold Card Trade can help you acquire it. 

This limited-time event can help you complete your collection with a higher probability, as exchanging your card with the desired one is quite easy. But the only point to remember is that there is a limit of two Gold cards on the trade.

Jackpot Madness Event

Like Bet Blast, Jackpot also enables you to inflate the stakes for spins and earn better rewards by multiplying your bet by a few times. 

Balloon Frenzy

Balloon Frenzy is a mini-game where you can pop different balloons that appear at random times within the game and earn an exciting reward.

Viking Quest

Viking Quest is a slot machine mini-game requiring coins rather than spins to play. It is risky as the reward might not be desirable, but the coins you pay to play are very precious.

Set Blast

These limited-timed events assist in earning fantastic rewards for completing card sets during this time. 


This guide covers all the events in Coin Master, and you can play these events to win many prizes.

Happy playing!

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