Coin Master: How to Get and Use Food

Coin Master How to Get and Use Food

In the bustling world of Coin Master, pets aren’t merely cosmetic companions; they’re valuable assets that heighten gameplay. Keeping them awake and ready for action requires one crucial resource: food. Different pets come with unique perks, like the predator-like Tiger that garners more coins during an attack. To harness these advantages, however, you must ensure these pets are not drowsing.

How to Obtain Food for Your Pets

Sure, you can’t feed pets without that all-important food in your inventory. So where do you get it? Spinning the game’s slot machines is a common way; every turn presents an opportunity for a food reward.

However, if you’re feeling a bit impatient, the in-game store is an option, albeit a pricier one. The silver lining? Logging into Coin Master daily opens up a reliable avenue for pet food. Head over to the pet menu within the spins section, and voila, you’ll find your daily stash waiting.

How to Use Food in Coin Master

Feeding your pet is quite straightforward. Choose your furry (or scaly) companion, and select the ‘feed’ option. Yet, it’s not just about dumping food into their plate; timing is crucial. The effects last a mere four hours, so feed when you’re gearing up for gameplay.

Coin Master also introduced a little twist: XP capsules. Unlike food, these capsules pump in experience points without that four-hour power-up. Spin wheels might occasionally drop these XP boosts along with food, so keep an eye out.

Advanced Tips & Recommendations

Firstly, don’t panic if pets aren’t visible before hitting villages three or four. When the time is ripe, Coin Master will introduce them. For those with a lean inventory, the game’s shop is a tempting place to buy food, but it’s best treaded with caution.

It’s hard to see value in those high-priced pet meals. And if you’re thinking about spending real money, scout for worthy deals. Regular gameplay still stands as the trusted ally for a consistent food supply.

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