Dead by Daylight Best Killers and Survivors Tier List 2023

Dead by Daylight Best Killers and Survivors Tier List

Dead by Daylight Tier List will help you in choosing the best killer and survivors in the game. Knowing who are the best killers and survivors is crucial if you want to dominate other players. Each survivor and killer in Dead by Daylight are almost the same. They have the same movement speed and animation but they have different appearances and perks. Each survivor and killer have unique perks and that is what makes them different in power. 

When you are choosing what survivors and killers you will play in Dead by Daylight depends on a few factors like your skill level, playstyle, what is your goal inside a game, etc. If you don’t care about these factors, you can simply use killers and survivors that are tier S. They have the best perks in the game that will help you dominate. Just stay away from Tier D and C because they have the worst perks and most likely you will lose every match with them if the enemy is skilled. 

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Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered
Tier D – The Worst

Dead by Daylight Tier List

NameTier RatingType
Ace ViscontiBSurvivors
Adam FrancisCSurvivors
Ash J. WilliamsDSurvivors
Cheryl MasonBSurvivors
Claudette MorelSSurvivors
David KingASurvivors
Detective David TappCSurvivors
Dwight FairfieldASurvivors
Élodie RakotoSSurvivors
Felix RichterBSurvivors
Feng MinSSurvivors
Ghost FaceBKiller
Haddie KaurDSurvivors
Jake ParkSSurvivors
Jane RomeroBSurvivors
Jeffrey JohansenCSurvivors
Jill ValentineBSurvivors
Jonah VasquezDSurvivors
Kate DensonASurvivors
Laurie StrodeASurvivors
Leon Scott KennedyBSurvivors
Meg ThomasSSurvivors
Mikaela ReidSSurvivors
Nancy WheelerASurvivors
Nea KarlssonASurvivors
Quentin SmithDSurvivors
Steve HarringtonCSurvivors
William OverbeckSSurvivors
Yoichi AsakawaDSurvivors
Yui KimuraBSurvivors
Yun-Jin LeeCSurvivors
Zarina KassirBSurvivors

About the Dead by Daylight tier list

All killers and survivors are tested in the best possible condition so we can get the best possible ratings. We also consulted with high-end players for their opinion. There are some factors that we could not control but they had minimal impact on the overall tier list because you will most likely be impacted by them while playing. 

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Each tier list is debatable so the Dead by Daylight Tier List is also. If you do not agree with some of our ratings please leave a comment down below so we can discuss it. 

Daylight tier list will help you in choosing the best killers and survivors but that does not mean that you should not test them on your own. When you are testing killers and survivors on your own you will learn everything about them, how to counter them, how to play them, and what fits your playstyle.

Overall you will become a more skilled player who will be able to dominate. Also our recommendation is that you use killers and survivors that you will have the most fun with. There is no point in using Tier s killers and survivors if you will not enjoy the game. Check out our other guides for mobile games that will help you a lot.

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