Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Tier List: Best Exotic Weapons 2024

Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List Best Exotic Weapons

The Destiny 2 Tier List will assist you in choosing the best weapons in the game so you can dominate. When you know what the best weapons in Destiny 2 are, you will be able to progress faster and dominate other players, which means that you will become a powerful player. 

Inside a game, you will come across a lot of different weapons that you can get and use. Each one of them is unique, with different amounts of damage, rarity, power, etc. On top of that, some weapons will dominate almost every aspect of the game. Some of them will underperform, and you do not want to waste your time and energy on using them. So in order for you to know who the best and the worst weapons in the game are, we created a Destiny 2 Tier List

There are some factors that you have to take into consideration when you are deciding what weapons you will use, like your in-game progression, your goal, what weapons you already have, and your play style. The majority of players simply do not care about these factors, and if you are one of them, then you can simply use weapons that are rated as Tier S and Tier A. They are the best in the game, and you can not go wrong with them. Make sure that you do not use weapons that are rated as Tier C and below because they are underperforming so much. 

Tier System and grades

  • Tier S – Overpowered
  • Tier A – Balanced
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
  • Tier C – Underpowered
  • Tier D – The Worst

Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List

WeaponTier RatingType
Ace of SpadesSHand Cannon
Ager’s ScepterSTrace Rifle
AnarchyAGrenade Launcher
ArbalestALinear Fusion Rifle
Bad JujuSPulse Rifle
BastionCFusion Rifle
Black TalonASword
BorealisCSniper Rifle
Cerberus+1CAuto Rifle
CloudstrikeASniper Rifle
ColdheartBTrace Rifle
Collective ObligationAPulse Rifle
CrimsonBHand Cannon
Cryosthesia 77KBSidearm
D.A.R.C.I.BSniper Rifle
Dead Man’s TaleAScout Rifle
Dead MessengerSGrenade Launcher
DeathbringerBRocket Launcher
Delicate TombAFusion Rifle
Devil’s RuinASidearm
DivinitySTrace Rifle
Edge of ActionBGlaive
Edge of ConcurrenceDGlaive
Edge of IntentBGlaive
Eriana’s VowAHand Cannon
Eyes of TomorrowARocket Launcher
Fighting LionBGrenade Launcher
GjallarhornSRocket Launcher
Grand OvertureBMachine Gun
Graviton LanceAPulse Rifle
Hard LightAAuto Rifle
HawkmoonSHand Cannon
Heir ApparentBMachine Gun
Hierarchy of NeedsSCombat Bow
Izanagi’s BurdenSSniper Rifle
JötunnAFusion Rifle
Le MonarqueACombat Bow
Legend of AcriusBShotgun
Leviathan’s BreathACombat Bow
Lord of WolvesAShotgun
Lorentz DriverALinear Fusion Rifle
LuminaAHand Cannon
MalfeasanceCHand Cannon
MercilessAFusion Rifle
MIDA Multi-ToolAScout Rifle
Monte CarloBAuto Rifle
No Time to ExplainSPulse Rifle
One Thousand VoicesAFusion Rifle
Osteo StrigaSSubmachine Gun
Outbreak PerfectedSPulse Rifle
ParasiteAGrenade Launcher
Polaris LanceAScout Rifle
Prometheus LensBTrace Rifle
Quicksilver StormAAuto Rifle
Rat KingBSidearm
RiskrunnerASubmachine Gun
Ruinous EffigyBTrace Rifle
Salvation’s GripCGrenade Launcher
Skyburner’s OathSScout Rifle
Sleeper SimulantALinear Fusion Rifle
SturmDHand Cannon
SunshotSHand Cannon
SUROS RegimeBAuto Rifle
Sweet BusinessCAuto Rifle
SymmetryCScout Rifle
TarrabahSSubmachine Gun
TelestoAFusion Rifle
The ChaperoneSShotgun
The ColonyCGrenade Launcher
The Fourth HorsemanBShotgun
The HuckleberrySSubmachine Gun
The Jade RabbitSScout Rifle
The LamentSSword
The Last WordAHand Cannon
The ProspectorCGrenade Launcher
The QueenbreakerDLinear Fusion Rifle
The Wardcliff CoilSRocket Launcher
ThornAHand Cannon
ThunderlordAMachine Gun
Ticuu’s DivinationACombat Bow
Tommy’s MatchbookBAuto Rifle
Touch of MaliceSScout Rifle
Tractor CannonAShotgun
Traveler’s ChosenASidearm
Trinity GhoulSCombat Bow
TruthCRocket Launcher
Two-Tailed FoxBRocket Launcher
Vex MythoclastBFusion Rifle
Vigilance WingBPulse Rifle
WavesplitterDTrace Rifle
Whisper of the WormDSniper Rifle
Wish-EnderSCombat Bow
WitherhoardSGrenade Launcher
Worldline ZeroDSword
XenophageAMachine Gun

About Destiny 2 Tier List

There are a lot of things that we took into consideration in order to get the best possible rating for the Destiny 2 Tier List, like using high-end accounts, testing each weapon in the best possible condition, consulting with veteran players, etc. 

There are some factors that we could not control, like skill, chance, buffs, and debuffs, but they had no impact rating because you are part of the game and you will be impacted by them. 

Each tier list, including the Destiny 2 Tier List, is debatable. If you do not agree with some of our ratings, please leave a comment down below so we can discuss it. 

The Destiny 2 Tier List will assist you in selecting the best weapons that the game has to offer and make you more powerful, but you still have to test them on your own if you want to become even more powerful and skilled. 

When you test a weapon on your own, you will discover its abilities, powers, how to use them, when to use them, and so on. You will get a better understanding of the game, and you will be able to determine what weapons are best for you even when they change with each update. So go and test them on your own to become a powerful and skilled player.

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