Dragonheir Silent Gods: How to Get Gems and Gold Dice (Heliolite)

Dragonheir Silent Gods How to Get Gems and Gold Dice (Heliolite)

Dragonheir Silent Gods is an immersive game where the in-game currency and items play a pivotal role in enhancing the gameplay. Notably, the game prioritizes gems, a vital currency that holds the key to unlocking various rewards.

With the right amount of gems, players have the opportunity to acquire valuable dice, crucial for game progression. Although the game does favor free-to-play mechanisms, players often find it challenging to get their hands on the legendary dice called Heliolite, a testament to the item’s high in-game value.

Sources of Gems in the Game

Sources of Gems in the Game

Daily Sources of Gems:

Every day, Dragonheir Silent Gods players have multiple opportunities to increase their gem stash. Participating in the Daily Alliance Rally could get you a handsome 280 gems every week. The Vortex Boss event, another rewarding activity, grants players up to 315 gems on a weekly basis if they manage to hit the 4 million points mark in Vortex Boss 2.

Daily login rewards offer consistency; 50 gems are up for grabs as a part of the 7-day login bonus. Engage in the Ace Challenger event, involving fierce Arena battles, and walk away with 60 gems each week. For those diligent players, completing daily commission quests can yield 120 gems weekly. Lastly, the free version of the battle pass ensures a consistent inflow, adding 50 gems to your account every week.

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Weekly Sources of Gems

On a broader weekly scale, numerous events and activities can further boost your gem count. The Arena and Team Arena events promise gem rewards depending on your performance. Dungeon enthusiasts can look forward to the Fortune Seeker event that promises a reward of 90 gems each week. Guild vs. Guild events offer dynamic rewards, with gem counts changing based on player rankings within guilds. Don’t overlook side quests! Though often underestimated, these can be a rich source of gems, with an estimated 350 gems obtainable from them.

Usage of Gems in Dragonheir Silent Gods

Now, armed with knowledge on gem acquisition, let’s discuss their utilization. An impressive 5050 gems are potentially earnable weekly, with an adjusted figure of 1290 gems once all sources are combined. Given these numbers, players have the potential to purchase three gold dice every week, with 240 gems still in their pocket. This leftover can be strategically used for daily stamina recharges, aiding in longer gameplay sessions and further progress.

Gold Dice (Heliolite) in the Dragonheir Silent Gods

Gold Dice in the Dragonheir Silent Gods

Gold dice aren’t just another item; they are the game-changers in Dragonheir Silent Gods. However, these dice are not just lying around. Their rarity sparks discussions and strategy planning among players. Dive deep into the numbers, and you’ll see that a player can secure up to 12 gold dice monthly through gem spending alone.

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Combine this with the side quest rewards, and this number jumps to 16. Yet, the thirst for these dice is real! A staggering 35 gold dice are required to tap into the legendary items through the game’s pity system. Across a game season, players can amass a total of 48 gold dice. But seasoned players know that this might not suffice, given the high stakes and rewards in the game.

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