DragonHeir Silent Gods Reroll Guide

DragonHeir Silent Gods Reroll Guide

Embarking on the journey in DragonHeir Silent Gods, many players seek the might of legendary heroes to bolster their teams. Rerolling offers a strategic advantage, helping players get a head start. However, the challenge remains: the game isn’t particularly inclined towards rerolls, posing an interesting strategy conundrum for players.

Understanding Dice Mechanics in the Game

Understanding Dice Mechanics in the Game

Gold dice are akin to treasure in DragonHeir Silent Gods. They stand as the solitary path to acquiring the coveted legendary heroes. Yet, with their golden sheen comes a rarity, making them a valuable commodity. What makes them even more intriguing is the slim 3% chance they offer to unveil a legendary hero. Their scarcity is palpable, making them a sought-after entity.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the purple dice. These dice are abundant and often find their way into the hands of players. However, their allure diminishes with the realization that they offer a 0% chance at netting a legendary hero. Instead, they’re a conduit to adding epic heroes to one’s roster, making them a secondary priority.

Steps to Start the Reroll Process

Rerolling isn’t just about rolling dice. It’s a calculated maneuver. Start by engaging in combat with the formidable void boss. Triumphing over this adversary, especially at a specific game stage located on the map’s lower left corner, brings forth the reward of a legendary dice. Parallelly, as you traverse through the game’s narrative, a bounty of purple dice is also awarded.

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Resource Management for Rerolling

Resource Management for Rerolling

Within the realm of DragonHeir Silent Gods, the “Wayrmarrow” isn’t just another resource. It’s currency, with a specific purpose. It can be a game-changer when used judiciously.

Amassing 350 Wayrmarrow paves the way for trading them for a gold dice, offering another chance at a legendary hero. It’s a tedious but rewarding endeavor.

Wise Spending: While it’s tempting to utilize Wayrmarrow for an energy boost by procuring stamina, foresight dictates otherwise. As the game progresses, stamina refills demand a higher price, making them less viable. Conserving Wayrmarrow for dice becomes a more sustainable strategy.

The Stamina Conundrum: While stamina is an essential resource, especially during intense rolling events, its value diminishes. It’s worth noting that as the game evolves, stamina refills might not be the best investment.

Maximizing Opportunities for Gold Dice Acquisition

Leverage Pre-registration Rewards: For those delving into the game, rewards await. Interestingly, irrespective of whether one pre-registers or not, DragonHeir Silent Gods showers players with enticing rewards. These include three gold dice, a substantial heap of Wayrmarrow, and several purple dice.

Time Estimation for Rerolls: Harnessing these rewards, combined with the gold dice gleaned from the story mode, paves the way for a rerolling session. On average, this setup could span roughly 45 minutes, granting 4-6 opportunities at securing a legendary hero.

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Speed of Rewards and Its Impact: While rewards are enticing, their distribution pace can be a double-edged sword. A sluggish distribution can elongate the rerolling process, making it less efficient.

Event-Based Gold Dice Opportunities: DragonHeir Silent Gods often hosts events. During certain events, players can anticipate an extra gold dice after a day’s play, with another bonus awaiting on the third day. However, post this, daily logins may not yield more gold dice.

Legendary heroes aren’t just powerful; they are symbols of prestige. DragonHeir Silent Gods intentionally limits easy access to gold dice. The underlying reason? The euphoria of acquiring a legendary hero should feel like a monumental feat, a testament to a player’s commitment and skill.

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