Epic Seven Tier List

Epic Seven Tier List

If you love playing mobile RPG games, you must have heard of Epic Seven for sure. Epic Seven is a popular game in the form of a story that progresses as you collect heroes that assist in the same.

When playing the game, you might have thought of how to choose your team of heroes. Don’t worry; this complete guide will help you build our dream team of heroes.

Let’s now look at the ranking of the heroes in skills, Utility, growth, and various other aspects.

S-Tier Heroes

The S-Tier consists of powerful heroes with remarkable stat growth, making them suitable for any battle in the game. It will be an excellent investment as their skills are incomparable and will help you win over many challenges later in the game.

A-Tier Heroes

This is the tier that has most of the heroes in the game. The heroes have ample abilities required for the battle, and their stat growths are comparable to the S-Tier.

B-Tier Heroes

The B-Tier heroes usually perform the best when in a partnership. If you use only B-Tier heroes, it becomes significantly harder to reach the endgame. These heroes can be very beneficial for special purposes when used along with a particular party composition.

C-Tier Heroes

They are only used when they possess a particular skill. This is because they do not have much power and won’t be able to defeat anyone. They are best to use in some special combinations.

D-Tier heroes

They have obscure combat skills and stat growth. They fall behind in terms of viability. However, they aren’t the worst and can be swapped with better heroes.

F-Tier Heroes

They are the ones used at the start and should be traded as soon as possible.

Arbiter Vildredtier S
Martial Artist Kentier S
Seaside Bellonatier S
Auxiliary Lotstier S
Ruele of Lighttier S
Iseriatier S
Yufinetier S
Roanatier S
Specter Tenebriatier S
Viviantier S
Angelic Montmorancytier A
Challenger Dominieltier A
Ervalentier A
Landytier A
Dizzytier A
Operator Sigrettier A
Krautier A
Judge Kisetier A
Briar witch Iseriatier A
Morttier A
Vildredtier A
Celinetier A
Bellonatier A
Lulucatier A
Kisetier A
Sigrettier A
Tywintier A
Basartier A
Fallen Ceciliatier A
Silver Blade Araminthatier A
Angelicatier A
Blood Blade Karintier A
Ravitier A
Silver Blade Araminthatier A
Melissatier A
Kayrontier A
Violettier A
Top Model Lulucatier A
Seztier A
Achatestier A
Little Queen Charlottetier A
Tamarinnetier A
Charlestier A
Alenciatier A
Kentier A
Liliastier A
Adventurer Rastier A
Blaze Dingotier A
Elphelt Valentinetier A
Elenatier A
Crimson Armintier A
Flantier B
Raytier B
Araminthatier B
Shooting Star Achatestier B
Chloetier B
Last Rider Krautier B
Assassin Colitier B
Destinatier B
Dienetier B
Baikentier B
Charlottetier B
Champion Zeratotier B
Tenebriatier B
Cermiatier B
Kaweriktier B
Lidicatier B
Celestial Mercedestier B
Remnant Violettier B
Apocalypse Ravitier B
Cerisetier B
General Purrgistier B
Karintier B
Leotier B
Falconer Kluritier B
Hastetier B
Shadow Rosetier B
Specimen Seztier B
Kitty Clarissatier B
Rosetier B
Rintier B
All-Rounder Wandatier B
Mascot Hazeltier B
Baal and Sezantier B
Assassin Cartujatier B
Guider Aithertier B
Researcher Carrottier B
Mercenary Helgatier B
Fairytale Tenebriatier B
Ludwigtier B
Watcher Schuritier B
Crescent Moon Rintier B
Blood Moon Hastetier B
Mirsatier B
Guider Aithertier B
Assassin Ciddtier B
Zealot Carmainerosetier B
Lotstier B
Faithless Lidicatier B
Fighter Mayatier B
Magic Scholar Doristier B
Tempest Surintier B
Dark Corvustier C
Yunatier C
Holiday Yufinetier C
Ciddtier C
Dingotier C
Silktier C
Carmainerosetier C
Lunatier C
Serilatier C
Lilibettier C
Clarissatier C
Commander Lorinatier C
Politistier C
Muitier C
Wanderer Silktier C
Batissetier C
Chaos Inquisitortier C
Soniatier C
Senyatier C
Glenntier C
Bomb Model Kannatier C
Lucytier C
Great Chief Khawanatier C
Solitaria of the Snowtier C
Designer Lilibettier C
Gloomyraintier C
Zeratotier C
Requiemroartier C
Chouxtier C
Sinful Angelicatier C
Ceciliatier C
Ambitious Tywintier C
Hazeltier C
Romantier C
Free Spirit Tieratier C
Ainostier C
Furioustier C
Kizuna Altier C
Church of Ilryos Axetier C
Jechttier C
Sage Baal and Sezantier C
Paveltier C
Crozettier C
Khawanatier C
Schuritier C
Righteous Thief Roozidtier C
Wandatier C
Mistychaintier C
Huradotier C
Khawazutier C
Surintier C
Captain Rikoristier C
Doll Maker Pearltier C
Colitier C
Dominieltier C
Aithertier C
Benevolent Romanntier C
Celestetier C
Taranor Guardtier C
Armintier C
Carrottier C
Rastier C
Lenatier C
Zenotier C
Kikirat V2tier D
Gunthertier D
Eatontier D
Alexatier D
Basktier D
Mayatier D
Hataantier D
Iantier D
Troublemaker Crozettier D
Edatier D
Mucachatier D
Arowelltier D
Sventier D
Butcher Corps Inquisitortier D
Godmothertier D
Elsontier D
Purrgistier D
Doristier D
Pyllistier D
Lorinatier D
Rikoristier D
Montmorancytier D
Ainstier D
Archdemon’s Shadowtier D
Chaos Sect Axetier D
Otillietier D
Helgatier D
Cartujatier D
Nemunastier D
Roozidtier D
Desert Jewel Basartier D
Tieriatier F
Corvustier F
Mercedestier F
Adlaytier F
Muse Rimatier F
Judithtier F
Roaming Warrior Leotier F
Enotttier F
Jenatier F
Azaleatier F
Rimatier F
Pearlhorizontier F
Kluritier F
Taranor Royal Guardtier F
Kiristier F

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