Era Of Conquest Best Civilization (Tier List)

Era Of Conquest Best Civilization Tier List

In Era Of Conquest, picking your civilization and its hero is pretty much the game. It’s not all about fighting other players; it’s more about choosing the best hero to lead your crew. Every civilization has its own perks and a hero that can change how you play the game.

Era Of Conquest Tier List: Best Civilization

Era Of Conquest Tier List Best Civilization
CivilizationsTier Rating

Tier S (Overpowered)
Tier A (Balanced)
Tier B (Slightly Underpowered)
Tier C (Underpowered)
Tier D (The Worst)

Roman Civilization

Roman Civilization is at the top because Scipio is a beast with his attacks and can shut enemies up, messing with their plans. Plus, you get more iron, which is great for building up your army fast.

British Civilization

British Civilization has Boudica, who’s all about getting into the thick of battles and messing with enemies that can’t fight back. You also get extra food and stone, which helps build stuff and keep your troops fed.

French Civilization

French Civilization, with Joan of Arc, focuses on damage and boosts wood production by 20%. Good for those who want to build up their base.

Chinese Civilization

Chinese Civilization is led by Li Shimin, who’s good at quieting down the noisy opponents and boosts food production by 20%, keeping your army ready to go.

Korean Civilization

Korean Civilization, under Ye Sun Sin, is all about churning out resources, especially wood and steel, making it easier to upgrade your stuff.

Japanese Civilization

Japanese Civilization with Tachibana Ginchiyo, focuses on dodging attacks and gives a nice boost to food and wood production.

Arabian Civilization

Arabian Civilization, led by Baybars, is all about hitting hard and fast, and you get a lot more stone to build with.

German Civilization

German Civilization has Herman, who’s good at controlling the battlefield, and you get a bonus in wood and stone production.

Russian Civilization

Russian Civilization, with Ivan the Fourth, is all about dealing damage to multiple enemies and getting more stone and steel for your defenses.

Strategic Considerations for Civilization and Hero Choices

Strategic Considerations for Civilization and Hero Choices

In “Era Of Conquest,” leveling up heroes from B to A tiers makes a big difference in how strong they are. Choosing a civilization should match how you want to play and what resources you need the most. Early on, go for civilizations that boost your resource game. But you can switch things up at City Hall level five, changing your strategy as you move forward.

Heroes matter more than which civilization you pick. They’re key to winning battles, and each one works better with certain troops. Like, Li Shimin becomes super strong when you level him up, making him great for different strategies. Boudica from Britain is your go-to for gathering resources, while Scipio from Rome is awesome with infantry. Herman from Germany is perfect for taking hits for the team.

There are other civs like Russia and Arabia that have their own perks, especially when it comes to fighting. Heroes like Herman and Baybars are great for their damage output. Li Shimin from China is a champ at keeping enemies quiet, which is super handy against teams that rely on their skills.

But, heroes like Ivan from Russia might not be as cool later on in the game. So, you gotta keep changing how you play. The game keeps evolving, with new civs popping up now and then.

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