Era Of Conquest Best Civilization (Tier List)

Era Of Conquest Best Civilization Tier List

Era Of Conquest is a unique strategy game where the choice of civilization and its corresponding hero plays a pivotal role in defining your gameplay experience. Unlike other strategy games where PvP elements dominate, here the emphasis is on selecting the right hero to lead your civilization. Each civilization comes with its distinct bonuses and a hero whose abilities can significantly influence your strategic approach.

Era Of Conquest Tier List: Best Civilization

Era Of Conquest Tier List Best Civilization
CivilizationsTier Rating

Tier S (Overpowered)
Tier A (Balanced)
Tier B (Slightly Underpowered)
Tier C (Underpowered)
Tier D (The Worst)

Roman Civilization

Led by the formidable Scipio, this civilization excels in assault. Scipio’s prowess lies in powerful auto-attacks coupled with a silencing effect that can disrupt enemy strategies. Additionally, players benefit from a 20% increase in iron production, a boon for those looking to strengthen their military might quickly.

British Civilization

Boudica stands at the forefront of the British forces. Known for her active engagement in battles, Boudica’s ability to disarm and re-disarm silenced targets is a tactical advantage. The civilization also offers a 10% bonus in food and stone production, supporting both military and infrastructure development.

French Civilization

With Joan of Arc at the helm, this civilization focuses on tactical damage through active abilities. The 20% boost in wood production underlines its commitment to building a strong and sustainable base.

Chinese Civilization

Li Shimin leads the Chinese civilization with a strategic edge, silencing opponents and countering active skill-based teams effectively. A 20% increase in food production under his leadership ensures a steady supply for the troops.

Korean Civilization

At the command of Ye Sun Sin , the Korean civilization specializes in resource production, particularly wood and steel, with a 10% production bonus. This focus aids in building and upgrading structures swiftly.

Japanese Civilization

Under Tachibana Ginchiyo, the Japanese civilization thrives on tactical damage, with a unique 10% dodge bonus for the commander. Additionally, a 10% increase in food and wood production balances resource management.

Arabian Civilization

Baybars, leading the Arabian civilization, is known for his assault capabilities, dealing significant upfront damage to two opponents at once. The civilization further benefits from a 20% bonus in stone production.

German Civilization

Herman of the German civilization excels in command-based effects, making them a formidable force in battles. The 10% bonus in wood and stone production underlines their balanced approach to resource management and military strength.

Russian Civilization

Ivan the Fourth of Russia brings tactical damage to the forefront, targeting two opponents simultaneously. The civilization’s 10% bonus in stone and steel production is a testament to its commitment to building a robust defense.

Strategic Considerations for Civilization and Hero Choices

Strategic Considerations for Civilization and Hero Choices

In “Era Of Conquest,” the awakening of heroes from B-rated to A-rated significantly boosts their stats, altering the dynamics of gameplay. When selecting a civilization, aligning it with your playstyle and resource needs is crucial. Each civilization offers unique bonuses that can aid in resource management, military strategy, or infrastructure development.

Resource management is a critical aspect of the game. In the early stages, focus on civilizations that enhance resource production. However, you have the flexibility to switch your civilization bonus at City Hall level five, adapting your strategy as the game progresses.

Hero abilities play a more decisive role than the chosen civilization. Their effectiveness varies across different troop types, making it essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. For instance, Li Shimin becomes an S-rated hero when awakened, offering versatility in gameplay. Britain’s Budaa is ideal for resource gathering, while Rome’s Scipio is potent in infantry roles. Germany’s Helman suits a tank-style gameplay, capable of taunting multiple enemy units.

Beyond the primary civilizations, Russia and Arabia offer strategic benefits in tactical damage dealing and assault team effectiveness, respectively. Heroes like Herman (Germany) and Baybars (Arabia) are recommended for their versatility and ability to deal upfront damage. Li Shimin from China is notable for his silencing ability, especially effective against active skill-based teams.

The effectiveness of heroes like Ivan from Russia, known for tactical damage, may diminish in late-game scenarios. It’s essential to adapt your strategy accordingly. The game is dynamic, with the potential for new civilizations to be introduced in future updates.

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