Era of Conquest Best Heroes Tier List February 2024

Era of Conquest Best Heroes Tier List

The Era of Conquest Tier List categorizes the top-performing Heroes for various game modes and roles. Each Heroes boasts unique strengths, making it crucial to allocate your resources wisely. Your choices should align with your goals and objectives, as you aim to maximize the returns on your investments.

While primarily designed for endgame players, this tier list is beneficial to all, regardless of experience level or spending habits. It has been rigorously tested by high-level accounts to ensure its reliability.

It’s essential to acknowledge that no tier list is flawless, and opinions may vary. However, this tier list’s purpose is to assist and offer insights to all players, shedding light on the outstanding qualities of each Hero within the Era of Conquest.

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Era of Conquest Tier List

Hero NameTier Rating
Alexander the GreatS
Emperor ConstantineS
Harald FairhaiS
Oda NobunagaS
Peter IS
Queen SeondeokS
Richard IS
El CidA
Guan YuA
Li ShiminA
Mary TudorA
Ragnar LodbrokA
Toussaint LouvertureA
Ying ZhengA
Yi Sun-SinA
Darius the GreatB
Frederick IB
Hojo TokimuneB
Ivan IVB
Jean of ArcB
Tachibana GinchiyoB

Tier S (Overpowered)
Tier A (Balanced)
Tier B (Slightly Underpowered)
Tier C (Underpowered)
Tier D (The Worst)

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