Era of Conquest How to Spend Gems

Era of Conquest How to Spend Gems

In the dynamic world of “Era of Conquest,” mastering the art of gem management is a pivotal skill for every player. Gems, serving as the backbone of the game’s economy, are essential for a range of activities, from hero summoning to accelerating construction projects. This guide delves into the nuances of acquiring and wisely spending gems, ensuring your journey through the game is both efficient and enjoyable.

Gems in “Era of Conquest” are more than just shiny objects; they are the lifeblood of your gameplay experience. These precious stones are indispensable when it comes to accessing various in-game resources and items. Understanding their value is the first step towards mastering the game. Do not forget to redeem all Era of Conquest codes that can giveyou good amount of gems.

How to Spend Gems

Efficient use of gems can significantly boost your progress in the game. Here’s how you can make the most of them:

Summoning Heroes

The hero summoning feature in “Era of Conquest” is a thrilling aspect where gems play a crucial role. A single general summon requires 98 gems, while a bundle of five summons is priced at $4.90. Players also have the option to use General Summoning Stones, available for free in the game, as an alternate summoning method. A strategic tip: wait for the Probability Buff to hit 300% before using your gems for summoning, as this increases your chances of acquiring stronger heroes.

Building and Upgrading Structures

The game’s infrastructure is a canvas for strategic building and upgrading, with gems acting as a catalyst. While all players start with two free builders, using gems can significantly speed up construction and upgrades.

For instance, spending 20 gems can instantly complete any ongoing construction, a handy trick for rapid advancement. New players should focus on the Civic Center, a pivotal structure that unlocks the training grounds, essential for bolstering your military might.

Utilizing Temporary Builders

When planning long-term construction projects, consider employing temporary builders or queues, available for a nominal fee of 5 gems each. With a cap of five active builders or queues, this feature is invaluable for setting up extensive construction plans, especially when planning to be away from the game.

Investing in Military Buildings and Special Events

Investing in Military Buildings and Special Events

Strategic investment of gems in military buildings, like the War Hull, pays off due to their lengthy construction times. Keep an eye out for special events, especially those introducing new heroes or offering treasure chests. A prudent strategy is to save around 1,000 gems for these occasions, a manageable goal even for minimal spenders or free-to-play enthusiasts.

Ensuring a Balanced Gameplay

“Era of Conquest” is designed to offer a balanced experience, ensuring that players can progress without needing to invest heavily. This fairness is echoed in the game’s encouragement of strategic gem usage. Wise investments, rather than impulsive spending, are rewarded, ensuring a satisfying and fair gameplay experience.

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