Grand Cross Age of Titans Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks

Grand Cross Age of Titans Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks

Navigating the labyrinthine world of mobile and PC games can sometimes be daunting. If you’ve recently started your journey in Grand Cross Age of Titans or are considering diving in, you’re in the right place. This guide is tailored to help you grasp the fundamental aspects of the game. While the game’s landscape can seem intricate, with a few tips, you’ll master the essentials in no time.

Basics of the Game

Basics of the Game
  1. Platforms and Availability

Grand Cross Age of Titans is a versatile game available on both mobile devices and PCs. Unlike some games that restrict their platform presence, this one ensures all gamers have access. Players can easily download it for free from the game’s official link.

  1. Resources and In-Game Currency

While immersed in the world of Titans, you’ll come across various resources. One of the top resources to keep an eye on is Mana Stones. These magical entities play a pivotal role in enhancing your hero’s skills. Your journey will often lead you to monsters scattered in the open world; defeating them might reward you with these sought-after stones. But, a pro-tip? Some of these beasts carry distinctive Mana Stones, making the hunt all the more exhilarating.

Moreover, for those aligned with alliances, there’s a bonus. Mana Stone summoning Towers situated in alliance territories sometimes spring monsters into existence. The higher the tower’s level, the stronger the creature and the potential rewards.

  1. VIP Shop and Experience Items

As you ascend the levels, you’ll discern the value of experience items, particularly the “secret learning method experience”. Wondering where to get them? Your best bet is the VIP shop, where they can be procured in exchange for resources.

But that’s not all. Delve deeper into the game and discover that certain heroes wield abilities providing bonus experience. For instance, the hero Actaus possesses a skill granting up to a staggering 90% bonus hero experience upon vanquishing monsters. Make sure that you redeem all Grand Cross Age of Titans codes that will give you free items and experience.

Heroes: The Core Mechanism

In Grand Cross Age of Titans, heroes aren’t just characters you play; they’re the game’s backbone. They come with their unique sets of skills and abilities that can be leveled up using Mana Stones. It’s pivotal to have all a hero’s skills touched up to level five, as that’s the golden key to unlocking their Awakening skill.

Hero Experience and Talent Trees

Heroes, possess the hunt talent tree. This tree has the “hero growth” talent, bestowing an additional 30% bonus experience. Such bonus experience can be a game-changer when your hero faces monsters.

But here’s the catch, just as in real life, where not all skills suit everyone, in the game too, heroes must be matched with their apt skills and talents. This ensures that their potential is maximized, whether in combat or gathering resources.

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of talent trees. They provide your heroes with specific paths, each tailored to distinct roles. So, if you have a hero dedicated to gathering resources, it would be prudent to guide them entirely through their specialized talent tree. On the other hand, if your hero is front and center in PvP battles, emphasizing their PvP talents would be the way to go. Check out Grand Cross Age of Titans tier list if you are not sure what is the best hero in the game.

Importance of Barriers

Defense is as crucial as offense. In Grand Cross Age of Titans, barriers act as the first line of defense. Heroes like Korvo and Kalope have the exceptional ability to conjure barriers based on various in-game conditions. These barriers, as their name suggests, act as protective shields, soaking up damage and safeguarding troops in the heat of the battle.

Mana Stones

If heroes are the heartbeat of Grand Cross Age of Titans, then Mana Stones are undoubtedly the lifeblood. These magical gems have a distinct function: powering up your heroes’ abilities. Think of them as the secret sauce that takes your heroes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Venturing out into the wilds of the game, you’ll encounter creatures of all shapes and sizes. While some are mere roadblocks, others guard a stash of Mana Stones. Engaging with these foes, especially in alliance territories, could lead to acquiring different types of Mana Stones.

Using Mana Stones is more of an art than a task. Simply put, not all heroes will require the same type or amount. It’s a delicate balance, understanding which hero needs which stone and in what quantity. Some may need a quick boost, while others might demand a more consistent upgrade strategy. Always keep an eye on your heroes’ skill levels; once they touch that coveted level five, the real magic happens.

Experience Items and Leveling Up

A hero without experience is like a ship without a captain. Experience items, specifically the “secret learning method experience,” aid in boosting your heroes’ prowess. As they level up, they unlock new talents, abilities, and skills, making them formidable opponents and valuable allies.

Don’t wait for these items to stumble onto your path. The VIP shop is your go-to destination. Here, resources can be traded for precious experience items. An occasional foray into this shop can expedite your hero’s growth journey.

Certain heroes come with built-in skills that provide bonus experience. For instance, if a hero like Actaus is in your roster, capitalize on his unique ability to grant added hero experience. By being strategic and leveraging these skills, your journey from novice to pro can be faster and smoother.

Building and Resource Management

Heroes The Core Mechanism

In Grand Cross Age of Titans, your base isn’t just a place to return to; it’s your fortress, your stronghold. Building efficiently and effectively is key. Start with essentials that boost your defense, like walls and towers. Next, prioritize resource-generating structures. Having a well-laid-out base can make a significant difference in the long run.

Resources are the currency of growth in this game. However, having them isn’t enough; it’s how you use them that counts. Always be judicious in allocating resources. Ensure your heroes, especially the primary ones, are well-fed and upgraded. At the same time, don’t neglect the needs of your base.

Juggling between building, upgrading, and resource management is a continuous act. But here’s the silver lining: the more you play, the better you get at this balance act. Understand the demands of your base and heroes, adjust your strategies accordingly, and soon, you’ll be the master of both your fortress and your army.

Combat Strategy and Talents

Delving into the combative depths of Grand Cross Age of Titans isn’t just about the strongest heroes or the shiniest weapons. It’s about the brain behind the brawn. The successful player molds a strategic mindset, pivoting and adjusting based on enemy behaviors and team strengths

Every hero in your roster is gifted, but not in the same way. Some may possess swift agility, while others wield unparalleled strength. By diving deep into their talent trees, you uncover these innate skills. For a stellar combat approach, align your hero’s talents with their roles in battle.

In the thick of combat, where your heroes stand matters. Shield-wielding giants at the forefront and damage dealers behind them is a classic yet effective strategy. Remember to adjust formations based on specific opponent setups.

Troop Dynamics and Upgrades

Every army needs its foot soldiers, archers, and cavalry. But Grand Cross Age of Titans nudges you to think beyond the basics. Your troop mix should echo the demands of the mission ahead. For instance, ghostly apparitions might call for magic wielders over traditional archers

Your troops aren’t stagnant; they evolve. With the right resources, upgrades can elevate your army from a band of misfits to a coordinated combat unit. Regularly check the upgrade paths available and invest wisely.

It’s not just about quantity, but the quality and variety of your troops. Some are designed for raw power, while others excel in stealth and speed. Familiarize yourself with each type’s strengths and weaknesses to make informed deployment decisions.

VIP Benefits and Hero Summoning

In the intricate world of Grand Cross Age of Titans, the VIP status is not merely a fancy title. It’s a gateway to perks that can streamline your gameplay. Faster building speeds, more resources, and access to exclusive areas become available with this esteemed status.

It’s not about breaking the bank. Playing daily, engaging in special events, or making occasional in-game purchases can accumulate VIP points. As these points stack up, so do the benefits.

Ever wanted to call upon a hero from the ether? In Grand Cross Age of Titans, this isn’t a mere dream. Hero summoning allows players to add formidable champions to their roster. But it’s not a game of chance. Strategic use of summoning rituals, combined with the VIP status, can dramatically increase the odds of landing that coveted legendary hero.

Miscellaneous Tips

Miscellaneous Tips

Daily Rituals Matter

It might sound mundane, but logging into Grand Cross Age of Titans daily can bring you substantial rewards over time. Beyond the obvious in-game perks, consistency keeps you updated with any subtle changes in the gaming environment.

Don’t Get Lost in the Quests

While it’s tempting to dive into every quest that pops up, it’s crucial to prioritize. Gauge the rewards, difficulty, and time required for each task. This way, you can ensure that your energy and resources aren’t spread too thinly.

Forge Alliances Strategically

While going solo can be a fun challenge, there’s strength in numbers. Aligning yourself with strong allies can make challenging battles more manageable. However, don’t just join any group; ensure it aligns with your gameplay style and objectives.

Regular Inventory Checks

It might seem a tad tedious, but frequently sifting through your inventory can prevent it from getting cluttered. By doing this, you can efficiently utilize or sell items, ensuring that no valuable resources are left collecting virtual dust.

Remember, It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The world of Grand Cross Age of Titans is expansive, filled with twists and turns. While there’s a rush in rapid progression, taking the time to understand each aspect of the game deeply will set you up for long-term success.

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